Let’s find out all the details of the amazing Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless bluetooth headphones in this dedicated review.


Moving away from the high-end market and offering decidedly better quality products than many other brands, Creative often decides to innovate the market with some particularly interesting innovations . This is precisely the case of the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless , which are currently available at a particularly advantageous price, and are found to offer a truly amazing value for money. In fact, we are talking about a complete product from every point of view, elegant, and which can hardly make the user miss some particular function, given that with its offer it is ready to satisfy almost all palates. We have had the opportunity to try the Creative Aurvana Trio Wirelessthoroughly, testing them on PCs, consoles, and other devices (such as Smart TVs), remaining pleasantly surprised by the result in any case, so let’s find out all the details in this review.

Light and elegant

What immediately amazes about these Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless ( here the link for the purchase ) is the true elegance , which distinguishes the earphones since unboxing. The packaging looks really classy, ​​and to open it you just need to lift the front part (magnetically attached) to find yourself in front of the entire offer proposed by Creative . The completeness of the product is immediately noticeable , as in the package we find not only the headphones, but also several other gadgets particularly useful for use, which already after a few sessions the user will undoubtedly thank for having received.

Apart from the headphones and the unmissable illustrative manual we find in the package 10 spare rubber pads (6 of which in memory foam) arranged neatly in two rows of 5 and set in the plastic, a case to carry around the headphones and any other gadget and a charging cable . The sore point of the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless , almost the only one fortunately we will deal with in this review, is the charging with USB type A. As you can immediately notice the aforementioned cable is not a type C, but fortunately the recharge is not particularly long, and the 20 hours of autonomy actually require much less to be restored.

Speaking of the product, we are dealing with a really pleasant minimal style , which is not at all noticeable when worn and really goes with everything. The collar is made of particularly soft black rubber (like the rest), while the ends of the headphones – and the controls – are made of aluminum. These also have a useful feature, as the ends are magnetic and attract each other, taking up less space when stored.

The headphones have a weight of a few grams (less than a 50ina), and almost do not make themselves felt during use, as they do not weigh on the neck and adapt perfectly to the ear. It must be said that in winter this rule has no exceptions, but in summer the heat could actually make the rubber cable weigh in contact with the neck , at least in case of sweating. Actually, although it is perfectly adaptable, it is not a specific product as regards sport, and it is more suitable for other types of uses, passing through music, films and more.

Quality and many features

As for the controls, we find on the aluminum ends of the buttons for multifunction control particularly useful, the microphone (located on the right end), and a rubber flap to be removed to insert the micro-USB into the charger . On the connectivity side, we are dealing with the inevitable bluetooth 5.0 , and thanks to the technologies patented by Creative the latency is practically reduced to zero. Both for communications and for the normal use of any content, there is really no complaint about the result in almost any occasion.

The real peculiarity of this neckband, which although complete in everything obviously see their fulcrum in listening, concerns the presence of 3 drivers per headset . The sounds are clean and listening is particularly pleasant, as the individual sounds are well defined and the classic “disorder” effect that some earphones still present today is never created.

As for the microphone, we made sure of the actual quality of this, and how it is more than excellent during calls. Obviously we are not talking about a professional result, but this (once the Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless is correctly worn ) is positioned close to the mouth and the interlocutors consequently receive a well-defined and understandable audio.

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