E3 2019 is slowly approaching, and the whole gaming world is in great turmoil. To be the masters during this event we …

E3 2019 is slowly approaching, and the whole gaming world is in great turmoil. To be the masters during this event there are always the consoles, with their titles and their news, but PC Gaming fans can rest assured, because there will be a lot of material for them too. This is a year not to be underestimated, because the PC team is getting stronger and stronger over time. After the past years, sometimes even subdued, in this edition of E3, the space for PC Gaming is strengthening, and new illustrious participations are added.

The Line Up of the PC Gaming Show 2019 will in fact be composed of many software houses:

  • Coffee Stain Studios;
  • Donkey Crew (authors of Last Oasis);
  • Handy Games;
  • Epic Games;
  • Annapurna Interactive;
  • Chucklefish;
  • Digital Extremes;
  • Digital Uppercut;
  • E-WIN;
  • Fatshark;
  • Fellow Traveler;
  • Frontier Developments;
  • Funcom;
  • Modus Games;
  • Paradox Interactive;
  • Perfect World Entertainment;
  • Raw Fury;
  • Rebellio;
  • Re-Logic;
  • Tripwire Interactive.

Space also for technology, with the presence of Samsung which will present its new line of Gaming monitors.

Lots of meat on the fire

Perhaps it is the only certainty that over time it will remain alongside gamers, also given the arrival of many cloud services, which most likely could definitely supplant consoles. This is certainly the direction taken by the gaming market. It will take some time, and we will have to understand how the world of services will evolve. For the moment the PC Gaming market lives directly from the console one. There are many titles that will be released in the various versions and of these let’s see what we can expect.

Surely the title that most expects (in general) is Cyberpunk 2077. The title of CD Projekt RED, which after being defined one of the “main events” of last year continues to make the world dream, is an RPG set in a post apocalyptic future in pure Cyberpunk style. We are facing a triple A title that promises to be one of the most beautiful of the last generation. The software house has already confirmed that we will be able to see the title at work again and that new images and new content will be published, so the only hope is to know the exact release date.cyberpunk 2077

Microsoft, unlike what happens with Sony (which will not be present at this edition), lives in a more linked way to the world of the PC. Precisely for this reason, we expect something more from the conference of the American company, in addition to the news on its latest generation console. Three rumors and hopes circulating on the net, the most interesting is the one that sees Microsoft intent on working on the unification of the Xbox environments with the PC ones. Hopefully, an Xbox Game Pass subscription that can also be used on PC. This may not yet be the time to take this step, but hoping certainly costs us nothing.

There is not only the cloud, because the PC Gaming Show 2019 promises to be really rich in content, starting with Ori an The Will of The Wisps , Gears 5 , Halo Infinite and much more. The presence of Epic Games also bodes well , which after the worldwide success of its Fortnite is pushing a lot on the PC world and therefore who knows what it is preparing for the show. Same thing goes for the guys from Ninja Theory who should present their new title, or Rare which after the experience of Sea of ​​Thieves  is certainly one of the most desired software houses.

Many rumors also talking about an important announcement by Capcom, which could present its new Resident Evil 8 or more simply a remake of Resident Evil 3 .


AMD Next Horizon Gaming

To attract our attention there is certainly the presence of AMD, which will conduct an event entirely dedicated to its production:  Next Horizon Gaming. During this particular event, the company will most likely want to present the new Navi GPUs. This could obviously be the future of manufacturing from AMD, which wants to take part in E3 2019 firsthand to present its new graphics cards. The event will certainly not focus on the new graphics cards, which will probably be accompanied by the new Zen 2 CPUs as well as other content still unknown to us. The AMD conference is still very important to follow, because the company also supplies components to the next generation consoles, so it will be essential to understand what the future will be.

Will VR be a mere spectator?

The absence of Sony is certainly heavy to digest if we talk about Virtual Reality. Despite this, the world of VR will not be a mere spectator . Although important hardware announcements have been made, during this E3 2019, we expect a lot of news, since after the initial costs have been reduced, it seems that the viewers are starting to enter people’s homes. Above all, the presence of a real dedicated conference underlines how much this new technology is now aiming to become a real “reality”, close – we hope – to the definitive step of consecration.

During the event we expect to discover some new titles for Oculus Rift : such as Stormland from Insomniac Games, No Man’s Sky VR , Lone Echo 2 from Ready at Dawn, and many others, because in reality there are no announcements. there will be so many:

  • Asgard’s Wrath;
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 VR;
  • The Walking Dead Onslaught
  • Blunt Force;
  • Undead Citadel;
  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades;
  • Wolfenstein Cyberpilot;

The ones we have listed above are just the most anticipated titles, because there are really a lot of VR titles that will come out this year for PC, but some intriguing surprises and absolute novelties cannot be ruled out. This new lifeblood also comes from the desire for software houses such as Ready at Dawn and Insomnica Games , which are trying their hand at this complex new reality.

Looking forward to the start of the Los Angeles conferences, we remind you that  Game Legends will follow the entire event live with you , and will keep you company with live coverage packed with comments, guests and collateral activities. Subscribe to  Youtube ,  Twitch  and the  Game Legends Facebook page  to not miss a thing!

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