The brand new Corsair K60 RGB Pro with Cherry Purple arrives on the market today, here are all the details in our product review.

Although the world of gaming keyboards is incredibly rich, as it manages to offer each user products with specific details created almost to measure, fortunately, there is fortunately the arrival of new items designed to enrich the catalog of companies and offer at the same time actually new technologies and features. Speaking of Corsair , a well-established company in the tech product sector and already renowned for the many premium models offered to users, it has been renewed again, as it will offer the Corsair K60 RGB Pro keyboard starting today .Corsair K60 RGB Pro

It is a product that is part of the new family called K60 , which is also composed of: K60 Pro , which is almost identical but does not offer RGB effects, K60 RGB Pro Low Profile , assembled with Cherry MX Low Profile Speed and therefore more responsive, and finally K60 RGB Pro SE , with a palm rest included in the box and the same Cherry Viola as the model we reviewed in the last few days, but not available in our country. Without getting lost in chat, let’s then discover the details and peculiarities of the Corsair K60 RGB Pro!

Corsair K60 RGB Pro between elegance and minimalism

The product is light, solid and contained, albeit with some shortcomings

Presenting itself with a yellow packaging as per Corsair tradition, the keyboard is almost alone in the package, as it is accompanied only by the classic manuals that remind us of some useful shortcuts. So you immediately notice the absence of the Keycap Remover , a rather convenient accessory that helps with the removal of the keys, especially if placed in the center, and as you may have guessed from the last few lines there is not even a palm rest . Minimalism is specifically the target of the product, which wants to satisfy the user without offering too complicated options and superfluous details, but rather aiming at quality and versatility. The product is really solid and returns premium feedback– except for the rubber cable with USB 3.0 to be connected to your machine – thanks to the aluminum surface which guarantees particular resistance. We find a weight and measurements that are not at all excessive because, despite the numeric keypad being present, the keyboard wants to adapt to the greatest number of setups possible; specifically we are talking about 44.1 cm x 13.6 cm x 3.5 cm , and 800grams . The back is enriched by non-slip rubber pads, which do not create particular resistance and therefore allow the product to be moved when desired, while ensuring correct firmness during the sessions of use.

We note the absence of multimedia keys , certainly not a real value, but a compromise necessary to reduce the tonnage of the article and guarantee a more immediate approach, which in this case is fully successful for less accustomed users, thanks to the lack of details such as the wheel to adjust the volume. However, it is possible to complete the operations you want, through the convenient shortcuts that fortunately do not miss anything , but above all thanks to Corsair’s iCUE software , also perfect for synchronizing all the company’s products. This undoubtedly stands as one of the best programs around for tech item setup, sinceit allows the customization of any detail and RGB with extreme immediacy , a factor particularly taken care of for the Corsair K60 RGB Pro.

For gaming and for any field

ICUE software and Anti-Ghosting technology exponentially improve product qualities.

We clearly don’t want to leave out the most important detail of a keyboard… the keys! This time we find the brand new Cherry Viola , rather budget for the lineup of mechanical keyboards but not uninteresting for this. The feedback provided is still pleasant , and these emit an appropriate noise, certainly not attributable to membrane keyboards , but not as powerful as other models of mechanics . The response time is almost instantaneous, and the Anti-Ghosting technology prevents some inputs from being ignored when pressing several buttons, a factor that together with the proprietary software makes it perfect also for the gaming world.. Its elegant design is enriched by the presence of simply magnificent RGB LEDs , perhaps among the best ever seen in circulation. To best boast of its success, the company has particularly raised the keys, thus allowing the buttons to release their colors without shame. The colors are customizable through the hardware, or with the iCUE software which clearly provides more options and makes the approach more immediate.

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