Coconut oil in the summer as a natural remedy – here’s what for

Coconut oil in the summer as a natural remedy – here’s what for

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Coconut Oil in Summer as a Natural Remedy
Coconut oil is a great summer remedy for both tanning and protecting your hair.
Coconut oil as a natural remedy:
it is a good product to protect the hair not only from the sun, but also from the chlorine of the swimming pool or from the salty water of the sea, which often makes them dry and brittle. Just apply a few drops of coconut oil to all lengths of slightly damp hair before going to the beach and they will be protected and deeply nourished at the same time.

Coconut oil: as a natural remedy before going to the beach
Another reason to use coconut oil on your hair before going to the beach? The really intoxicating scent and the fact that they will stay tidy even in windy weather and will be easier to disentangle! The important thing is to always reapply a small amount after each bath or shower, so as to provide protection and nourishment throughout the day. To eliminate the greasy effect it will be necessary to make a delicate shampoo at the end of the day, carefully rinsing the hair, which will remain soft and shiny for a long time.

Coconut oil as an after sun Even if it is preferable not to use it during exposure to the sun, coconut oil is still a valid and natural product to be used as an after sun. Capable of deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin, especially when applied to still damp skin. You can dissolve a few tablespoons in hot water for a relaxing bath, you can spread a few drops of coconut oil on the skin of the body after a shower, or you can use it for a nourishing and regenerating massage. Furthermore, it is very useful as a natural soothing in case of redness due to excessive exposure to the sun, because it helps to calm the burning and itching. Using coconut oil as an after sun is a natural and healthy choice, as it is a 100% pure product.


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