Circ, a micro-mobility company with a shared scooter service in 40 cities and 13 European countries, is ready to land incirc

We live in an era where global change is king, with significant consequences both on the health of the planet but even earlier on ours. One of the hottest topics in recent times is in fact the fight against everything that can worsen our beautiful planet; harmful emissions, smog, waste are just some of the many actions that we must try to combat.

The Circ company will lend a hand in the fight against smog with the aim of making our cities a little cleaner, safer and more sustainable, in particular Rome caput mundi. Circ, a micro-mobility company with a shared scooter service in 40 cities and 13 countries in Europe, is ready to land in Italy, thanks to its experience in logistics and the high rate of innovation of its scooters. , designed to adapt to even very different urban contexts.

According to Istat data of November 2018, the Lazio region is the highest in terms of work-related displacement within the municipality (69.0%) and the longest travel times . Just as high speed has managed to positively change medium-long distance routes, Circ wants to do the same with its micro-mobility in a smaller and obviously shorter context. Pending the adaptation of the Municipalities capable of experimenting with this type of movement, Circ already has its own warehouse in the capital, a real logistics center where the team of professionals takes care of the management of vehicles, organizing it according to the needs of the people.

Precisely in the spirit of collaboration with the main city institutions , Circ has already started a collaboration relationship with the Transport Engineering Laboratory of the University of Roma Tre with the aim of developing a series of activities aimed at enhancing the micro -electric stability via scooterand its effects on the urban context of the city of Rome. Furthermore, what distinguishes this initiative is the possibility of intervening directly on the product, adapting its technical characteristics and equipment to the needs of each urban context; whether it is design or maintenance, up to the delivery of the service, Circ will manage every single aspect of the new solution. The vehicles, designed and developed by the company, will also be prepared based on the topographical context of the terrain, the weather conditions and integration with the public service of the cities where the service is activated.

Among the main features of this “scooter” we find wider wheels that guarantee better stability, front and rear brake, reinforced footboard and frame, double front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers, reinforced tires and suspension, double electric and mechanical brake.

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