Chromotherapy, description and use

Chromotherapy, description and use

Chromotherapy is a holistic discipline that uses specific colors to treat various ailments. Let’s find out better.

>   What is romotherapy

>   Benefits and contraindications

>   For whom is  c romotherapy  useful

>   The law in Italy and abroad

>   Curiosities about c romotherapy 


What  is romotherapy

Chromotherapy is an alternative discipline that uses specific colors to treat certain ailments. At the base of chromotherapy there is the belief that these colors can influence the body and mind of a subject, in order to restore and promote balance or control certain disorders. This therapeutic method uses chromatic vibrations to restore an altered energy balance. Colored irradiation causes the absorption of electromagnetic waves with an oscillatory frequency, which varies from color to color, stimulating the vibratory resonance of the atoms contained in the cells.

Therapy using specific colors has millenary roots and bases in common with other disciplines, such as phototherapy, chromopuncture and Ayurveda . The relationship between the colors is often found connected to the balance between the fundamental elements. With Christianity, chromotherapy borders on occultism and falls out of favor. From the last century onwards, especially thanks to the works of Edwin Babbit and Dinash Ghadiali, chromotherapy has aroused a new interest among alternative medicines. Nonetheless, chromotherapy presents itself as a curative practice that is still unreliable. Niels Filsen’s studies in the field of phototherapy (Nobel in 1903) laid the foundations for a scientific interest in the therapeutic effects of light and colors. 


Benefits and contraindications 

It is common experience that light influences moods in some subjects more than in others. Undeniably, the light represents a kind of alarm clock inserted in the organism . The therapeutic action of colors is attributed by chromotherapists to multiple effects, described however with an often unusual terminology: colors dilate or constrict blood vessels, increase the production of red and white blood cells and enzymes, support the immune system, fortify tissues , favor the transport of oxygen in the blood, extend the consciousness. According to the scientific community, it would be easy to objectively document these effects. The total lack of such simple documentation is therefore considered more than suspicious. 


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For whom is  romotherapy useful

Those who want to preserve their psycho-physical balance and those who want to associate the use of light and colors with therapies already in progress can turn to chromotherapy . In fact, chromotherapy is a catalyst to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing processes. More often than not, color therapy is an effective healing method for depression, neurosis and anxiety , ailments for which yellow , green and blue colors are used. The most important chromatic benefits are reflected in the field of chromopuncture for children , aimed at treating hyperactivity, headaches , insomnia and emotional disorders. 


The law in Italy and abroad

In America, ultraviolet light therapy has now become a standard method. An effective and professional reality exists in Switzerland, in Locarno: it is the Institute of Cromopuncture, where dr. Neeresh has been practicing chromopuncture and has been teaching it to parents for years. To work as a chrome therapist, you need to attend higher education schools for holistic professionals and learn the different application methodologies of the discipline. In Italy, chromotherapy is mainly applied as a support therapy for other holistic therapies, but this method is also found in areas aimed at wellness and relaxation, such as saunas and beauty centers. 

Curiosities about  romotherapy

It is believed that the most important proponent was an Indian colonel, Dinash Ghadiali , at the beginning of the twentieth century . However, his figure does not fail to raise doubts, even from an ethical point of view. Ghadiali was in fact imprisoned and sentenced for continued fraud . There is no lack of sensational evidence of the ineffectiveness of his therapies, even in real time, such as the epileptic seizure of a patient during the trial for scam, while the woman was testifying that she was cured of epilepsy thanks to the chromotherapy practiced by Ghadiali.

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