Chromopuncture, description and use

Chromopuncture, description and use

Chromopuncture is an alternative treatment based on the irradiation of colored light for the treatment of various ailments. Let’s find out better.

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>   Chromopuncture in the pediatric field

>   The law in Italy and abroad

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What is chromopuncture

Chromopuncture is an alternative treatment based on the irradiation of colored light through a special device consisting of a generator, a conductor and a chromatic lens, through which the light is filtered. The light sources are projected on specific points or in particular areas of the skin, for a minimum of 30 seconds and up to a maximum of 1 minute. The basic theoretical principle, and which represents the conceptual and philosophical premise of this practice, is that of the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine . According to Peter Mandel, a German naturopath recognized all over the world, the body is crossed by energy lines arranged vertically (the acupuncture meridians), by horizontal lines (identified in the number of nine) and by others arranged diagonally. The meridians, according to the holistic approach from which Mandel, inspirer of chromopuncture moves, act as a light conducting system and through the stimulation of the cutaneous receptors the reactive processes of the endocrine and nervous system would be activated.

Chromotherapy intervenes on energy turbulence (imbalances) deriving from the intersection of these three types of lines, in relation to three main colors: blue, yellow and red. A fundamental aspect of chromopuncture is the theory that different wavelengths of light contain different information. When colored light conveys information through the skin, where the same energetic texture present in the human body can be traced, the vibrations are balanced and the cells stressed can find their basic harmony. In fact, the original energetic balance disturbed by the modern lifestyle, illnesses or emotions experienced is restored, bringing it back into conformity with the laws of nature.

How does it work?

Healing through color therapy is probably among the oldest in the world. It was originally developed by the Chinese surgeon Hua , who lived during the Han dynasty and many countries including China, India and Egypt have chosen to use it in the practice of their medicine. Even today, cormotherapy continues to play a fundamental role. This method restores vital processes, acts on a cognitive and sensory level and, ultimately, restores the harmony and health of the organism. Chromopuncture is a part of the holistic science that considers the human being in his totality of body, soul, mind and spirit. Like Chinese acupuncture, chromopuncture approaches the individual as a whole and therefore, in addition to treating physical ailments and treating the symptoms of diseases, it is very effective for psychological and emotional disorders, as it intervenes on the general information alterations of the organism. Chromopuncture originates from contemporary biophysics and, in particular, finds a valid foundation in the theory of the German physicist Fritz Albert Popp: the cells of all plants and animals (including humans) are equipped with biophotons, electromagnetic emanations or microwaves also known as vibrating pulses of light. Chromopuncture creates a sort of dialogue box with our cells (through the irradiation of a light source) using the same language that the body uses in a natural and spontaneous way.

This discipline, which has a rather vast clinical case history, is based on the discoveries made by the oncologist Ryke Geerd Hamer , a controversial figure and founder of what is known throughout the world as the New Medicine . Chromopuncture is an energetic balancing technique, part of what is known as exogetic medicine and uses diagnostic information from Eastern medicine, together with Western scientific knowledge. This treatment stimulates the self-healing potential, specific to each individual, it is absolutely painless, without side effects and can be used together with any other therapy. For example, it can be useful for reducing or eliminating the side effects of invasive or aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy.


What does chromotherapy cure?

Comupuncture can be used for:

  • strengthen the immune system ;
  • detoxify the body;
  • restore strength and compactness to fabrics, nails and hair;
  • restore brightness and elasticity to the skin;
  • eliminate excess fat by harmonizing the vital functions of internal organs;
  • balance the entire endocrine system by reducing stress;
  • regulate wake-sleep, hunger-thirst cycles.

Chromopuncture acts directly on the seven organs of the brain (thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands, corpus callosum, limbic system and medulla oblongata) and the results are visible and fast. This particular treatment with color boasts several and important therapeutic successes. The literature cites totally normalized conditions of hyperthyroidism and / or hypothyroidism, extreme food intolerances eliminated, and cases of regressed tumor.


Chromopuncture in the pediatric field

This method can be assimilated to acupuncture but, instead of needles, it uses an optical pen equipped with colored glass rods, through which the flow of Chi (energy) is stimulated. Mandel explains that the application of a specific light, that is, a precise wavelength at certain points in the body, provides information to the endocrine and coordination organs of the brain. These, weakened by the disease, receive this useful information and send it back to the body in order to restore harmony. By reprogramming the cells responsible for the imbalance, it is possible to resolve the physical ailment and, therefore, cure the disease. Chromotherapy can also prove to be particularly effective in the pediatric field: children’s diseasescaused by energy imbalances can be cured with this gentle yet profound therapy. Children respond very well to treatment and, above all, there are no side effects . Among the most common childhood ailments and problems that can be treated with chromotherapy are: allergy, asthma, bronchitis, headache, colic, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, recurrent eczema, encopresis (involuntary loss of stool), loss of appetite, enuresis, fatigue, fever, recurrent infections, insecurity, insomnia, skin diseases, emotional abdominal pain, colds, sinusitis, nervous tics, behavioral disturbances, difficulty concentrating and learning problems.


The law in Italy and abroad

The Institute of Chromopuncture is located in Locarno, Switzerland , an effective and professional reality in which dr. Neeresh has been practicing chromopuncture and has been teaching it to parents for years. To become a chromopuncturist it is necessary to attend higher education schools for holistic professionals and to learn the different application methodologies of the discipline. In Italy, chromopuncture is mainly considered a support therapy to other holistic therapies but can also find application in the field of wellness services (for example saunas and beauty centers).


Associations and reference bodies

Cromo-Pharma is the only Naturopathy center in Italy, official partner of Esogetics GmbH, the German company that produces and distributes the products patented by the German researcher Peter Mandel worldwide . The center also offers specialized advice to all professionals in the sector.

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