Cholesterol and hypertension, the link

Cholesterol and hypertension, the link

Cholesterol and hypertension are often related but it is wrong to consider them in a cause-and-effect key. They are both risk factors that must be kept under control by changing one’s lifestyle and not relying exclusively on drug treatments.

Cholesterol and hypertension, the link

High cholesterol and hypertension  are a dangerous combination for our cardiovascular health, this is certain, but stating that there may be a causal relationship is a hasty and superficial way that does not take into account the multiple risk factors that involve our well-being and a correct lifestyle.

Hypertension – what it is

We use a shared definition ” High blood pressure is an altered condition of blood pressure in the arteries, given by the amount of blood pumped by the heart muscle and the resistance of the arteries to blood flow “.

It is not a disease but a risk factor that increases the likelihood of possible heart disease. We speak of diastolic hypertension when the minimum pressure values ​​are altered, of systolic hypertension when those of the maximum are altered and systolic -diastolic hypertension when both values ​​are beyond the parameters.

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Hypertension: why

Wondering why hypertension is essential in order to seek the right remedies . Yes, because hypertension is one of those dangerous imbalances that often arises silently and is linked to multiple factors and in some cases it is possible to correct it.

Let’s say that the so-called ” pressure pill ” is the last resort if you are unable to identify the physiological reasons for the rise and even if you do not have the willpower to change and correct your lifestyle.

In addition to hypertension, the risk factors that can cause cardiovascular damage have been identified and on some it is possible to intervene as:
umo : hardens the vascular walls, makes them less permeable and elastic, predisposes to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques ;
>  overweight : the mechanisms of considerable weight gain, up to obesity , affect blood pressure values;
>  sedentary lifestyle : it is not a direct cause, but its opposite, physical activity is able to reduce the conditions of hypertension; 
>  diabetes : the rise in blood sugarit changes the pressure values ​​significantly and often these two risk factors are associated;
>  cholesterol : the deposit of fats in the arteries reduces the vascular lumen;

Then there are factors related to age, sex, heredity that must be taken into consideration separately if they are not accompanied by the listed imbalances and for which the therapy could tend to be pharmacological .

As we can see , it is not so automatic that if we are in the presence of high blood pressure indices, cholesterol is in turn above the parameters or parts reversed if cholesterol is high, a condition of hypertension is also present : they can go hand in hand but also attend “other companies”.

Hypertension and cholesterol: what to do?

The invitation is to not allow yourself to be processed by drug treatments without having tried to commit yourself by drastically changing your lifestyle:

> Quitting smoking ;
> taking care of nutrition by relying on a serious nutritionist who gives the right indications on what to eat ;
> Starting a simple physical activity : walking, walking and walking , with rhythm, intensity and consistency;

Blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure will thus be able to fall below the alert threshold and we will have reduced the risk factors for very serious diseases. The important thing is not to improvise but to follow a health plan agreed with the doctor .

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