Computer input device specialist CHERRY has unveiled its new MC 4000 wired mouse, fully …

The specialist in the field of computer input devices CHERRY has presented its new wired mouse MC 4000 , fully optimized for the needs of professional use where rather quick work is required. The mouse offers high precision and excellent speed thanks to a sliding surface that covers the entire bottom of the mouse and a high-quality optical sensor, having a total of 6 keys and two-color lighting. But let’s see these elements just mentioned in detail.

CHERRY - Mouse MC 4000

The optical sensor of the CHERRY MC 4000 mouse is capable of scanning at 1,000 or 2,000 dots per inch , allowing the user to confidently select the optimal resolution for a wide variety of daily operations. The DPI setting is indicated by two predefined colors that illuminate the scroll wheel, side panels, and DPI switch: blue for 1,000 DPI and red for 2,000 DPI . With high-speed motion detection of 1.5 meters per second (60 IPS), the CHERRY MC 4000 mouse is the ideal solution for professional use at high speed. Unique and interesting feature of the new wired mouse is undoubtedly representedby the large 360-degree sliding shoe that covers the entire bottom of the device , including the sensor; a feature that guarantees smooth and stable movements and offers perfect maneuverability on all suitable surfaces.

Thanks to its symmetrical design with optimal ergonomics, the CHERRY MC 4000 mouse guarantees a use that is nothing short of stunning, suitable for both right and left-handed users and for all those who spend prolonged periods of work . The whole is complemented by six keys, including keys for DPI switching, browser navigation and Windows Panel , positioned so that comfortable operation with both hands is always possible. We remind you that the mouse is immediately available online and in specialized stores at the selling price of 30 euros .

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