Centennial grandmother explains her longevity diet

Centennial grandmother explains her longevity diet

She is 98 years old, is Chinese and has become popular thanks to her unusual diet. An almost 100-year-old grandmother has in fact become an internet star of her despite her, after her grandchildren uploaded a video showing her special longevity diet to the n.miaopai website, which you can watch here. 

There is no doubt about what the woman, originally from Chengdu, eats to be fit at 98. And that she forms, since she is lively enough to discuss animatedly with her niece about what she wants to eat, she performs some puzzles and happily dines at the restaurant eating with gusto, but without being overweight. You don’t even have any major pathologies.

Now that I have intrigued you, you must know that the lady’s longevity diet has nothing to do with doctors’ recommendations for living long. It is high in calories and is made up of spicy soups, fried meat, hamburgers, cakes, alcohol (beer and sake) and cola. She often eats candy.

He laughs, jokes, has excellent blood pressure, undergoes a punctual visit to the doctor. But she drinks alcohol and coke habitually and doesn’t mind sweets, which are his passion.
“I’m old enough to eat what I want,” she explains when her granddaughter scolds her.
She adding that she hates green tea.

Fans on the internet went crazy. The video of the long-lived grandmother has gone viral, and her advice on eating what you like has become an example for many Internet users to follow.


Of course, a question of genetics, but it is an isolated case, so much so that a recent study had precisely established that a healthy diet for everyone does not exist.

In this article I reported two more examples.

And what about an article that appeared in the Daily Mail, which collected the diets of the most famous centenarians? Alongside healthful foods such as fruit or vegetables or porridge, we find wine, whiskey, cola, chips, cake, cheese and dark chocolate, or egg and bacon-based breakfasts.

Finally, the case of Elizabeth Sullivan, who recently died at the age of 106, is famous. She drank three cans of Dr. Pepper’s a day, sweetened of course, and had been doing it for a lifetime, starting with breakfast. She didn’t even eat in a healthy way, quite the opposite. So much so that by the time she was sixty the doctors had recommended her to eat less sugar and drink less junk.

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