4 spring foods to lose your winter weight

4 spring foods to lose your winter weight

Spring is coming, and it’s time for a big cleaning. Well yes. Seasonal changes are the perfect time to detox. Precisely because climate changes, for example the greater hours of sunshine, the external temperature, the new seasonality in fruit and vegetables, favor the work of our excretory organs.

Spring season is like morning – the perfect time to be deflated, drink more, take vitamin and mineral supplements (or just eat more fruit).

And if we want to take advantage of it, let’s start with the simplest thing in the world: vary our shopping list.
These spring foods can help you shed the extra pounds of winter, and I’ll also tell you how to combine them and when to eat them to boost results.


  1. Asparagus.
    Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and folate (or vitamin B9), but also fiber, asparagus drains, detoxifies and strengthens vascular health, reducing capillary fragility problems. They also help the immune system. To be eaten cooked, but at lunch and not in the evening, paired with eggs, cheese or cereals such as oats or brown rice. Brown rice and asparagus tips are a miracle against cholesterol. But asparagus also works very well with red meat and salmon, to better digest these foods and balance them.
    The asparagus water should not be thrown away! It is a perfect tonic for those who suffer from cellulite and water retention or have frequent cystitis problems.
  2. Leeks.
    Leeks are very draining, and like garlic they contain allicin, an anti-inflammatory substance of the digestive system. But like asparagus, they should preferably be eaten for lunch. A light leek and celery soup pairs very well with lean meats and slices of toasted wholemeal bread. Better not to combine them with legumes or fruit instead.
  3. Strawberries.
    Strawberries are very rich in vitamin C. However, they should not be paired with fatty foods: strawberries with cream or fat spreadable cheeses are a brick for digestion! Better to dress them with raw honey and lemon juice for a snack to be made at four in the afternoon. Or in the middle of the morning. For breakfast, they go well with skimmed Greek yogurt or skimmed quark or creamy tofu. Here, for example, is Martha Stewart’s smoothie for breakfast.
  4. Red lettuce.
    Very low in calories and rich in water, red lettuce reduces intestinal swelling and is very draining. Here too: eat it as a salad, perhaps as an appetizer before lunch, not in the evening. It pairs well with fennel for a draining salad. Also perfect as a mid-morning draining juice, paired with green apple or strawberries and fresh ginger. Ideal for those with constipation problems.


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