Cellulite, the natural plan of attack

Cellulite, the natural plan of attack

Cellulite is a blemish that affects the majority of women and that can only be eradicated by acting on several fronts. Let’s see the natural plan of attack to eliminate or at least reduce cellulite in view of the summer.


Cellulite, what it is and why it forms

Cellulite is a blemish that affects most women, regardless of body weight. 

Cellulite is due to a thickening of the connective tissue, which in turn is caused by a slowdown in blood circulation . When blood circulation slows down, in fact, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues decreases, as does the removal of waste. 

At the level of the connective tissue there is, therefore, an accumulation of fat, water and waste that form subcutaneous nodules perceptible from the outside as ” orange peel skin “.

Cellulite mainly depends on genetic factors but is favored by an unbalanced diet , a sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Generally cellulite mainly affects the area of ​​the thighs, hips and buttocks, but it can also form in other areas of the body such as the belly and arms. Cellulite is initially visible only when the skin is pinched , but over time it can become visible even without applying pressure.

Cellulite, the natural plan of attack

To eradicate (or at least to reduce) cellulite it is necessary to act on several fronts and with constancy. In fact, cellulite can only be fought through a real synergistic strategy that includes the purification of the organism , the reduction of inflammation and fat deposits and the improvement of microcirculation , so as to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

What an  anti-cellulite plan should include : 

  • First of all, it is necessary to maintain nutrition and hydrate the body by eating at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day and drinking plenty of water, about two liters per day. 
  • Green light also to herbal teas , absolutely unsweetened, and to draining supplements , useful for counteracting water retention .
  • Massages with sweet almond oil and citrus and juniper essential oils can also help to eradicate cellulite, especially if carried out consistently and with the right movements: to obtain good results, massages should be performed from the ankles to the buttocks with circular movements with moderate pressure . Anti – cellulite massages can also be performed on the stomach and arms, always making circular movements.
  • In addition to massage oils, even cosmetic exfoliating treatments such as scrubs can represent a useful remedy in case of cellulite: scrubs in fact improve the appearance of the skin and reactivate blood circulation.
  • Another method to reactivate the circulation and counteract the orange peel skin is represented by the showers carried out by alternating cold water with hot water , always starting from the ankles and going up along the legs up to the buttocks.
  • We must not forget physical activity . Also in this case, physical exercise must be constant even if moderate : a thirty-minute walk a day at a brisk pace is enough to improve skin tone and blood circulation.

Herbs and supplements to fight cellulite

The most suitable herbs for eliminating cellulite are those that promote blood and lymphatic circulation and that carry out a draining, purifying and anti-inflammatory action .

To fight cellulite, the pineapple stalk is often used which, thanks to the bromelain content , has a draining and anti-inflammatory action. Other plants with a diuretic action are associated with the pineapple stem such as centella (Centella asiatica), birch and ortosiphon , whose intake helps to reduce water retention.

For an even more effective action, red vine is also administered to promote microcirculation, garcinia to reduce the sense of hunger and gynostemma , with an anti-inflammatory and regulating action on the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

In the anti-cellulite strategy, it is also useful to support the functionality of the liver , especially during the change of seasons to counteract the accumulation of toxins, but also throughout the year to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats consumed in the diet. For this purpose, plants such as milk thistle , artichoke , flue  and olive leaves are used.

By taking these natural remedies consistently, it is possible to notice an improvement in cellulite in a period of one to three months : in addition to the reduction of the orange peel and a smoother skin, there is a decrease in the sense of heaviness and swelling in the lower limbs. .

When choosing an anti-cellulite supplement it is good to check the labels and opt for products in which the content of the titrated dry extract is indicated , since in this way there is the guarantee of the certain and constant presence of the phytocomplex in an adequate quantity to perform an action effective. 

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