Can you lose weight by living a sedentary lifestyle?

Can you lose weight by living a sedentary lifestyle?

Can you lose weight by living a sedentary lifestyle?
Eight hours in the office, a couple of hours in the car, obviously the hours we sleep, let’s say seven, and finally the hours when at home we are sitting or lying somewhere, let’s put three.

Basically they do twenty hours in which we don’t get our butt off the chair, bed or sofa. And the remaining four are not necessarily passed all standing. Translating it into a lifestyle, yes, we can say that we lead a sedentary life.
However, we want to keep fit.

And what to do if we don’t burn a lot of calories due to work and the time we rightfully rest?
On the other hand, you can lose weight by leading a sedentary lifestyle, and in this article we see all the tricks to do it great.
And without adding stress.


  1. Move whenever you can.
    Walk the stairs, shop on foot, get up every quarter of an hour, stay up when you’re on the subway or bus, talk on the phone or text on your feet, wander around the house, in short, get a move on way. Try to create your own walking routine.
    The first few days it will be hard to get into this habit, then it will be automatic.
  2. Buy a mini fridge in the office.
    If you don’t have it, buy a mini fridge at the office. This will allow you to carry packs of skimmed yogurt or skim milk, cottage cheese, fresh salads, fruit, bresaola or turkey breast to work. That way, you can have lunch in the office when you are overwhelmed without ordering junk out.
  3. You don’t have to go to the gym. But you can equip yourself at home.
    A couple of elastic bands, a mat, two small weights. That’s enough for you and a HIIT workout to raise your metabolism. Alternate pushups, situps, squats, jump squats, normal or reverse lunges, burpees, and jumps for 10 minutes non-stop, and as fast as you can. Then take a one minute break. And repeat.
    And here it is. In twenty minutes you burned more calories than an hour and a half in the gym.
  4. Or make an “open” subscription.
    Instead of getting a monthly gym membership, agree to have a free income package to be disposed of in 3 or 6 months.
    Keep an exchange in the office and when you feel less tired, go to the gym.
    You don’t have to go every day or three times a week. But without the hassle of a fixed pass, you can choose when to go.
  5. Cut out alcohol, overly fatty foods, and sugary drinks.
    Try to help yourself by modifying your diet in order to eliminate excesses. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is perfectly normal to moderate yourself. And it is a way to maintain weight.
    Find out, for example, how to lose weight without counting calories. 
  6. Drink water in small sips between meals.
    In this way, by promoting hydration, you keep your metabolism higher. You can also take bottles of unsweetened green tea, draining herbal teas, lemon-flavored waters, sliced ​​cucumber, and bits of fresh ginger. So drinking water turns into a little detox.
  7. Practice intuitive eating when eating out for lunch.
    Chew slowly, do not look at the pc, concentrate on the plate, try to enjoy the food peacefully. Eating in a hurry is the enemy of satiety and metabolism. Those who eat more slowly are thinner.
    Also try reducing your portions without calculating calories.
  8. Consider intermittent fasting.
    There are various patterns of intermittent fasting, and depending on your needs you can skip breakfast or dinner and avoid eating for 12 or 16 consecutive hours (including sleep).
    It also works to limit carbohydrates to a single meal, for example only in the morning or in the evening.
    Here are 5 ways to practice intermittent fasting. 

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