The Detox Miracle 7-day diet

The Detox Miracle 7-day diet

The Detox Miracle 7 -Day Diet is a regimen devised by Dr. Stephen Barrie, a physician from Oregon, whose famous detox method is currently in use at the Meditrine clinic, and which has since been reported in a book of the same name.

What is the Detox Miracle 7-day diet based on?

In practice, these are seven days of detoxifying nutrition with a very low fat content, to purify the liver and intestines, lose weight and regenerate.

The foods allowed are fruits and vegetables and rice proteins, some cereals and herbal teas.

Before doing the 7-day Detox Miracle diet, Dr. Berrie recommends a two-day fast , based on purified water only, herbal teas and lemon juice.
But he explains that they are not strictly necessary for the detox, but to enhance the results.
Personally, I would avoid two days of fasting and would focus only on the food plan, which we see in detail.

With this diet, you lose 2 to 3 kilos and cleanse quickly.


You have to follow this pattern for seven days straight.

  • Before breakfast.
    A glass of warm or warm water with lemon juice
  • Breakfast.
    Cocoa Rice Protein Shake like  Brown Rice Protein Concentrate Chocolate Flavor + 30 grams of whole oat flakes cooked in 150 ml of water until completely flaked (you can do it the day before in several portions) with 150 grams of fruit chopped, stevia, cinnamon and a sprinkle of matcha powder (optional).
    A cup of green tea or herbal tea of ​​your choice with stevia.
  • Snack.
    150 grams of fruit including pear, apple, peach, apricot, lychee, mango, papaya, pineapple, plum, melon, orange, mandarin. You can eat it raw or cooked according to preference.
  • Lunch.
    A vegetable cream obtained by blending a free portion of cooked vegetables with a cup of vegetable broth, spices and aromatic herbs. Light minestrone is also good, the one without legumes or potatoes.
    200 grams of raw vegetables of your choice between raw carrots, raw fennel, cucumbers.
    200 grams of boiled (weighed raw) or normal sweet potato or 100 grams of weighted brown rice cooked with stewed vegetables.
  • Snack .
    Rice protein shake with cocoa or vanilla. Two corn cakes with 2 teaspoons of apple compote.
    A cup of green tea with stevia.
    Like lunch.
  • Rules for cooking.

No plastic or aluminum containers are allowed for the preparation and storage of food.

Integration: a mild laxative is recommended to promote purification.
For example, the Magnesium Carbonate to be taken before going to bed or a tablet of  Cascara Sagrada .

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