Brown fat for weight loss

Brown fat for weight loss

grassbrunobatdietalampofacileI had already decided to tell you about it for a while, about brown fat. You may be wondering what it is, and why, in the fight against extra pounds and weight loss, we have to make distinctions about the fat we would like so much to lose. Instead we have to do them. You must know that in your body there are two types of fat and that only one is the fat to be eliminated, the real flab, the fat as we know it: it is the white fat, the fat that accumulates on the bowels, therefore on the belly, or on the thighs and hips. Then there is brown fat, so called because of its particular pigmentation(a dark pink due to mitochondria): it is the fat we have the most when we are children, and which activates the metabolism making us burn more, in the face of certain conditions. For example, as children and infants we have more because we are not yet able to independently regulate our body temperature, and energy up to a certain age is spent more easily thanks to the greater reserves of brown fat . In short, children do not have the same adult metabolism also due to the greater reserve of brown fat and the need to better regulate the basal temperature. In adults the speech becomes complicated: we are now good at defending ourselves against noi, brown fat is reduced until it is prevalent only in some areas (behind the neck, for example), and is activated, prompting us to burn more, only in certain circumstances.
But it doesn’t stop there: even as adults, those who are thin have more brown fat, those who are fat have less. Increasing the brown fat eliminates the “bad” fat.

In those circumstances our basal metabolic rate increases and we “produce” heat. For example, if we have drastically lowered our body temperature, exposing ourselves to the cold for a long time: brown fat “lights up” and stimulates thermogenesis, prompting the body to burn more to maintain body temperature. And what does the body burn?
It doesn’t burn calories, it just burns fat.
In short: brown fat is our friend. He is good, and when we “get hot” thanks to the brown fat we go to directly dispose of the reserves of white fat. He is the one who would make us lose weight. He is the one who activates and allows the body to burn more suddenly. However, this does not mean living in a cold room or falling ill with bronchopneumonia.
The big problem is that little is known about how brown fat works in general. For example, it is known that normal white fat can be converted into brown fat, that brown fat, although minor in adulthood, is not stereotyped and fixed, but dynamic. The more brown fat we have, the leaner we are. How to get this thing is still a mystery.
According to new research, there are conditions that allow you to stimulate brown fat to increase the basal metabolic rate and I am not talking about going naked: for example, fasting would be contraindicated, according to research published in Cell . When we are hungry, we prevent white fat from converting to brown and also “threaten” our stores of brown fat. Clearly, if we have hunger cramps it will be very difficult for the body to easily give up its fat reserves.This would confirm the old idea that one should eat more frequently to activate the metabolism. But let’s not claim victory. In fact, researchers always say that in order to burn more, it is important to eat when you are really hungry, and not on a whim. Whenever we are hungry we should eat to develop brown fat, but without eating whenever we simply crave something .

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