Hair loss for diet

Hair loss for diet

capelliniPeople who are on a diet have to deal, sooner or later, with the effect of the weakening and loss of hair caused by food restriction : weakening and falling due to the fact that, either of the two, or the body does in the face of an unexpected drop in body weight, or they are the indicator that the diet we are following is too depriving, and risks not only making our hair fall out or weaken, but also causing us other health consequences. The slower metabolism, duller skin, fatigue of vital organs, weakness, nausea, headache, and so on.
Why does hair weaken or fall out when we are on a diet (or worse still, if we are on a diet all the time)?Easy. For our body, hair is the first accessory thing to get rid of in case of absence of essential nutrients: this is why we lose it. Diet hair loss is obviously not a desirable thing: it means that we are not eating well and that we are losing weight too quickly, physically exhausting ourselves. For this reason it is very important to run for cover. If the body gets rid of the hair, we have reached the end of the line and it will not be enough to take some supplements. To lose weight only without avoiding unpleasant consequences, experts recommend

1) checking the health of the scalp before dieting and taking a specific hair supplement.
2) not to use aggressive products for the scalp but topical skin health treatments.
3) to introduce eggs, soy, yogurt and fermented fresh cheeses to the weight loss diet.
4) to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, trying to vary them as much as possible.
5) to drink a lot of water, at least one and a half liters
6) not to neglect the fats in the diet: omega 3 and 6 fats (fish, oil seeds, walnuts and hazelnuts).

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