Here is our review of the new BenQ EX3501R curved gaming monitor: high performance and HDR

Today we are going to analyze one of the latest HDR monitors, produced by BenQ: EX3501R . In recent times it is not easy to find monitors with HDR (high dynamic range), a display technology that offers higher contrast and more vibrant colors, which is becoming more and more common in televisions, but not for its PC monitor counterparts. . HDR is just one of the many interesting features of the BenQ EX3501R, which we will explain below.


The BenQ EX3501R has a sturdy metal stand and allows a certain degree of adjustment to make the screen comfortable to use, with a vertical adjustment of 60mm and a tilt adjustment between -5 and 20 degrees. Assembly is very simple and does not require special equipment to connect it to the support. This makes installation immediate, without having to worry about the integrity of the monitor, since its security and stability are excellent. The bezels surrounding the edges of the screen don’t seem very thin to us, but they don’t erode the enjoyment and use of the screen. BenQ calls them “ultra-thin bezels”, designed so that two (or more) EX3501R monitors can be placedside by side for an even more immersive experience with an almost continuous field of view.

In the lower part of the screen we find the buttons for navigation in the on-screen menu and the on / off one, as well as a light sensor that protrudes from below: a familiar addition to BenQ, monitors equipped with the company’s Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. This detects the ambient light you’re working in and changes the brightness accordingly to reduce the effects of eye strain . It’s a nice feature that can work well, but if you don’t want your monitor to adjust itself, you can turn it off. Next to the sensor is a USB-C port which is a great addition, plus the monitor has two HDMI 2.0 ports , one DisplayPort 1.4 , one USB 3.0 portfor connecting to a PC to turn the EX3501R into a USB hub and two USB 3.0 ports for connecting additional peripherals. The curved design of BenQ EX3501R completely immerses you thanks to the curvature of 1800R – many others and curved TVs have a curvature of 3000R, which is thinner. This means that thanks to the 1800R the monitor offers a richer and deeper display. Overall, the BenQ EX3501R’s design is optimal offering plenty of ports and a decent amount of adjustability.

Features and performance

The manufacturer’s dispassionate advice – and ours too – is to use this monitor on a computer running Windows 10, since the same operating system can handle a range of optimal resolutions and aspect ratios on the screen, thus obtaining a truly experience. awesome. It goes without saying that the right screen and the right operating system can improve your productivity, both in terms of work and play.

The BenQ EX3501R,  despite the excellent synergy with Windows 10, offers basic ready-made picture modes in HDR, sRGB to create your favorite look, being able to change the settings, contrast and brightness. This monitor also has tons of preset configurations that are easily accessible via the on-screen menu. The positioning of the power and navigation keys are placed on the front of the frame. This is perhaps a flaw, as they are not properly reported, and you may find it a bit boring to use it.

As soon as you find an opportunity , activate the HDR mode , which fills your eyes with a pleasant result, thanks to a higher contrast and sharpness . However, there are two HDR modes, the first basic is only an emulated HDR effect to activate the other you need a few more steps.

To do this you will need to have Windows 10 installed with the latest major update,  Fall Creators Update . This brings HDR support to the operating system, and you can turn it on by going into the system’s display settings. Unfortunately, however, it will not always be easy to use this feature, because for example to watch Netflix in HDR you will have to use the Windows 10 app or the Netflix website via Microsoft’s Edge browser.

It is different for video games, since all those that support HDR can run smoothly and without any problem. As if that weren’t enough, the refresh rate, FreeSync support and immersive aspect ratio make the BenQ EX3501R a much more suitable monitor for gaming sessions than video.

An ultra-wide 21: 9 format, AMD FreeSync support and USB-C connectivity are the latest features that cannot be missed on a screen of this generation.BenQ EX3501R


A curved monitor with these characteristics certainly cannot be a cheap product. Despite this, we can safely say that a 35-inch ultra-wide , which costs on average about € 609.00 , is an affordable product. The thesis is confirmed even if we compare it with monitors that offer the same performance as AOC Agon AG352UCG and Acer Predator X34 , with similar dimensions, as well as high refresh rates.

Considering the characteristics that the BenQ EX3501R has compared to its competitors, we feel that its price is right.

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