Bella Hadid’s diet: eat pizza but go hungry

Bella Hadid’s diet: eat pizza but go hungry

Finally revealed the secret why the splendid model Bella Hadid, sister of the other splendid Gigi Hadid, manages to eat pizza and ice cream without consequences on the line. It’s called: starving (the rest of the time). 
One thing that we all already suspected, now that we have the confirmation we can breathe a good sigh of relief: yes, the Instagram photos of the models eating sweets and pizza are not true.

And everything is revealed to us by a journalist , who decided to try Bella Hadid’s diet for a week . The diet, developed by the famous nutritionist Charles Passler , would have allowed both Bella and Gigi to be in shape for the catwalks. Not that they weren’t before, but let’s not make a point.
Our heroine (the journalist, of course) went to Doctor Passler to do the Bella Hadid diet , and she ate exactly the same things that the model does. Which are neither pizza nor ice cream.
Yes, I know. What a disappointment, huh?

According to the doctor, the secret of Bella Hadid’s diet is not so much food (you will see later that there are not, in practice) but health, feeling good. She is all about happiness , she explained to her. And about getting rid of toxins.
And as we will see now, this nutritionist has a concept I disapprove of both health and happiness .
And in fact this is Bella Hadid’s diet that the reporter followed for seven days.

Obviously these are meal replacements: in this case, herbal teas and protein bars as well as 14 sachets of protein and diet shake, provided by the company Purechange . Which is precisely Dr. Passler’s company on which his detox and slimming program is based.

Seven o’clock, breakfast: a shake (Kcal 160)
.9.30 : half a protein bar (Kcal 130, the whole bar provides 260).
Midday: 100 calories in the form of vegetables or vegetable soup plus a tablespoon of oil (220 Kcal in total). Detox herbal tea (from 15 to 20 calories)
Snack: a shake (180 calories)
Snack 2: half a protein bar (Kcal 130)
Dinner: equal to noon, therefore 220 Kcal plus 20 of the detox.
After dinner: probiotic and magnesium.

* the vegetables must be leafy, or at least aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes.
* drink water, but no coffee.

Total calories : 160+ 130 + 220 + 20 + 180 + 130 + 220 + 20. That is 1080 calories.
Of which only from two meals with natural food (vegetables).
 : about 100 grams net per day, therefore it is a low carb.
And of course you can afford pizza and ice cream on the weekend! You eat a thousand calories a day, less than your basal metabolic rate needs. Obviously you lose weight, but the consequences of such a diet can be to slow down your metabolism and risk gaining weight as soon as you stop the program.
However, the journalist is not of the same idea as me: she speaks well of it, she says she felt better and lost about 2 kilos.
She who then she took over.
If you thought that a model could eat anything without getting fat (if you ever thought so, I mean), we have the confirmation that not only is this not the case, but that photos of gluttonous meals are by no means the routine of these people. 

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