Natural horoscope November 2019

Natural horoscope November 2019

The November 2019 horoscope according to the astrological calendar, from October 23 to November 22: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The November 2019 horoscope  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, herbal and dietary advice, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and reading and musical advice. 


General overview of the horoscope for November

The first part of November is marked by the retrogradation of Mercury in Scorpio, a transit that  can help us to go deeper and find answers to the whys of life . Until day 19 (when Mercury becomes direct) the conscious and unconscious processes of the mind will jump inside us, to lead us to the resolution of a problem.


Since Scorpio is a sign ruled by Pluto, a planet with disturbing implications, however there may be a  tendency to cultivate grudges or black thoughts , to express themselves in a cynical and cutting way, or in the worst case offensive. 


The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) and the signs ruled by Mercury (Virgo and Gemini) need to be careful about how they relate to others . 


In fact, these signs could find themselves more suspicious, insecure, even without a valid reason. While it is true that during a transit of Mercury in Scorpio what one senses tends to turn out to be right, it is also true that the tendency to focus on the negative aspects of a person or situation could affect our ability to judge.


We must try not to stiffen or focus too much on a thought or idea because it could be the result of personal conditioning or moods.


In this context, the unpleasant quadrature between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn fits into this context, a “difficult” aspect, which speaks of powerful but destructive energies that can derive from the objective difficulty
of expressing energy in general. The desire to act, or to react, of Mars (falling in Libra) could be hindered by doubts , fears, fixations, suspicions (generated by Pluto in Capricorn). We must try to give a positive intention to our actions, and in doing so we must first of all start from our thoughts.


Carefully monitoring your inner dialogues and emotions will allow you to put your thoughts in order and shed light on some parts of us that deserve attention. 


Writing, meditating, doing something creative , such as playing, and drawing, are actions that can “weaken” the energies involved and channel them constructively.


Few words, silence and meditation can prove invaluable in this energetically “charged” period. In this sense , the energy of Mercury in Scorpio can really help us transform our thoughts and
make them more effective
 , positive, useful, creative. 


Words should only be used if they can help us to improve, to understand parts of ourselves and of the other that have remained in the shadow, or that represent our shadow part. Looking back makes sense not to mull over what has been done (or what has been done to us), accumulating grudges, but to consider what we learned from that experience , what that experience gave us in evolutionary terms, learning. 


Suffering in order to suffer, in fact, makes no sense : a painful experience if not made aware and understood in depth, becomes an end in itself experience. It is important to understand what happened, where we also went wrong, what we needed to understand and transform. 


If the pain process is not accompanied by awareness, very little is resolved, and the experiences that happen to us will tend to repeat themselves endlessly until we understand where the knot is to untie .


Day 20, immediately after the resumption of the direct motion of Mercury, Mars also enters Scorpio, to testify that after the reflection phase, in which one’s deepest motivations have been analyzed and understood, one is ready to act. 


Mars in Scorpio is a symbol of a powerful energy that can help us achieve the goals we have set ourselves. It is important to remember that when taking a certain type of path under the effect of the energy of Scorpio or Pluto, it is very difficult to alter the
course of events, or change direction. You have to use energy in positive , healthy, constructive directions, only in this way can you increase your personal power. 


When Scorpio uses energy in a destructive, selfish way, or with the intent of retaliating or harming the other, they really risk
finding themselves paying a very high price. November is an important month. It is an important month because our choices will direct us towards a life path , which in 2020 will begin to be quite defined. 


This is why it is important to choose wisely . And above all, make choices that are directed towards the good.  


November 2019 horoscope for Aries

November starts with some ups and downs due to the opposition of Mars in Libra, a planet that until day 18 will form an aspect of opposition to your Sun. 


This transit indicates, on average, a tendency to controversy, nervousness and intolerance. Of course not all Aries will be nervous and argumentative , but of course, a little impatience is to be taken into account …


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November 2019 horoscope for Taurus

Start the month of November in a responsible way, concentrated, but a little restless , perhaps due to an accumulation of duties, commitments, various urgencies. The first two weeks of the month will be the most tiring. 


Mercury, the planet that in astrology symbolizes communication in the broad sense, continues its transit of opposition to your Sun, creating …


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November 2019 horoscope for Gemini

Ruled by Mercury you are strongly influenced by his inspirations, his whims, his genius, his second thoughts. 


And it often happens that when the planet “slows down,” you Gemini become a little more reflective, less communicative , and in many cases, depending on which sign the planet is in, even more emotional. If you go back …


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November 2019 horoscope for Cancer

It cannot be said that October was a very easy month. The quadrature of Mars has seen you not very relaxed , almost never calm. 


And this will still be the feeling that will accompany you in the first part of the month, exactly until November 19, the day in which the red planet will leave the sign of Libra to enter Scorpio …


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November 2019 horoscope for Leo

November is a bit tiring sky, and not because there are serious and important problems to face, but because your mood could fluctuate between the serene variable . 


Because  this, all in all, is a positive period , but there is always a point of unpredictability that works in both directions. There are situations that seem blocked …


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November 2019 horoscope for Virgo

Virgo is going through a phase of great and important changes . She arrives in November with the desire to put the past behind her and to live her life in a full and fulfilling way. 


There are many new features coming and they must be grasped without hesitation. This is why it is essential to try to live life more lightly , day by day … 

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November 2019 horoscope for Libra

November opens with a flourish! Venus, your guiding star, enters Sagittarius, a transit that will not go unnoticed, especially for Libra in search of love. 


The planet , for a good part of the month, will highlight your charisma , your sensuality, your sympathy. Not only Venus, but also Mars and Jupiter are in excellent aspect, guaranteeing for …  


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November 2019 horoscope for Scorpio

A new month begins, a month in which many of you are grappling with their birthday celebrations, a special birthday , not only because the Sun and Mercury are in your sign, but because Mars on day 19 will also enter Scorpio.   


There are many reasons to celebrate , therefore, and among these there is also the satisfaction of having succeeded …


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November 2019 horoscope for Sagittarius

Beautiful this month of November, which opens with the arrival of Venus in your sign. A transit that will help you to take life with a little lightness , especially if you have experienced emotional turbulence between September and October.


Thanks to the support of Venus , the desire to dream returns , to broaden the horizons of the relationship with projects to be grounded …


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November 2019 horoscope for Capricorn

November is divided into two parts. The first part is quite fluctuating , both in terms of mood and results. The second is exceptional and sees you climbing the slope at great speed, after a period of fatigue and slowdowns. 


Capricorn, which at the beginning of November proceeds at a slow and fearful pace, suddenly begins to run , a race that in the …


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November 2019 horoscope for Aquarius

It starts a little subdued this November. There is a general thread of tension , especially in work, accompanied by the feeling of having all eyes on you and continually risking making some false step. 


The person responsible for this feeling of bewilderment , and in some cases, of fatigue is Mercury, which from 3 October started an aspect of …


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November 2019 horoscope for Pisces

November is a truly inspiring month! With Mercury supporting you , the profession is undergoing a surge : job offers, new customers, more income, travel, new acquaintances, are some of the gifts on the planet. 


Until day 19 Mercury will be retrograde, a transit that could manifest itself with a little mental fatigue . Many born of the sign …

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