Barrier goggles to defend against the PC

Barrier goggles to defend against the PC

Blue spectrum lights from electronic devices are particularly bad for your eyesight. The Spanish company Barner produces glasses that act as a protective barrier for the PC thanks to the Blue Light Blocking technology.


A large number of people spend many hours a day in front of their PCs, smartphones, tablets and TVs, sometimes even more than 8. However, the blue light emitted by these devices can be particularly damaging and harmful to sight and eyes.

The Spanish company Barner specializes in the production of specific eyeglasses for the computer, models whose lenses function as a protective barrier against blue spectrum light.

The negative effects of blue spectrum light

This type of light inhibits the production of melatonin and therefore negatively affects the quality of sleep, but also on sight.

Those who spend too many hours in front of modern light sources, in fact, run a greater risk of suffering from dry eyes, itching, burning or excessive tiredness in the eyes. That is, symptoms related to the so-called Computer Vision Syndrom , a disease that affects about 90% of people who spend more than 3 hours a day in front of digital devices.

Specifically, blue spectrum light is very energetic and therefore not optimal for the human eye. On the contrary, however, natural thermal light sources that give off heat and which also contain a percentage of red and yellow.

The glasses that act as a barrier

The Barner glasses act as a barrier against blue light and protect the eyes as if they were a kind of shield. We are talking about models specially designed for those who spend many hours in front of the PC or for those who use electronic devices.

Ideal for resting your eyes , these products maximize focus, avoid irritation and dry eyes, and facilitate a night’s rest. 

The frames are modern and aesthetically beautiful , the average prices are below 60 euros. The name of the eyewear models recalls the neighborhoods of the great international metropolises.

Furthermore, the glasses are made with innovative materials, have a flexible design and a clip-on option for sunglasses. In addition, the renewed Blue Light Blocking protection is capable of blocking 40% of the harmful spectrum and 100% of blue light at 410nm.

Who is Barner

Barner is a young brand from Barcelona born in 2017 and specialized in the production of blue-light blocking glasses to be used in front of the pc.


The company was born from the partnership of two friends who experienced firsthand the inconvenience caused by the blue light of electronic devices and who therefore wanted to create an ad hoc product to be marketed in the global market. 


The first prototypes were launched on two crowdfunding platforms ( Kickstarter and Indiegogo ) with great success.

From there the turning point: in just three years, in fact, Barner has sold over 15,000 pairs of glasses in 81 countries, becoming a reference point in the sector. 


“ The feedback obtained on Kickstarter and Indiegogo has been excellent – confirmed the co-founder Eduardo Gaya – and overall we have also received valuable suggestions on how to further improve the product. Many users, in fact, wanted cheaper glasses, proven quality and a more sophisticated design. And so we decided to take up the challenge, focusing on continuous improvement “.

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