Barbecue and diet meats: tasty dishes with few calories

Barbecue and diet meats: tasty dishes with few calories

Have you ever thought about the idea of ​​cooking meat on a nice gas barbecue ( like these bbqs ) to cook using the least possible seasoning?

The barbecue, with the possibility of cooking food on the grill, creates uniform cooking, without using any fat.

For example, a nice barbecue is also a great way to hang out with friends and family without making an attack on the line.

And how can you be dietary and cook without doing a big damage to your figure?

Obviously choosing the leanest food to put on the grill and the seasoning to use .

You can think of using 5 types of lean meats that you can eat even during a diet .

The meats

Obviously it is always better to prefer white meat in a diet but red meat must never be eliminated permanently.

Indeed there are several types of meat that are just as lean and contain more iron, zinc and vitamin B.

We must not exaggerate, this certainly, but we must not eliminate it definitively either.

The difference in calories is truly unfair: a lean cut of red meat is 115 calories per 100 grams; a chicken breast, of the same weight, is 110 calories.

The real success of the barbecue, therefore, we have learned, concerns the choices that must be made on the type of meat, in fact, and on the seasoning.

Now let’s see the various types that are more right for what a full-fledged diet barbecue is.

  1. Chicken: Making grilled chicken, for example, is very nutritious and is completely fat-free if you peel off the skin first. When the chicken is cooked whole, it must first be opened and then flattened with a meat mallet to reduce the volume of the legs and wings. The cooking must be very slow and, frequently, it must be turned over the embers to prevent it from being cooked and burned too much on the outside.
  2. Turkey: this type of meat is also a nice idea, especially if we have nice big breasts and rich in meat. Turkey legs can also be cooked satisfactorily. This type of meat may need more experience than chicken but if left crispy on the outside and tender on the inside it is very tasty.
  3. Rabbit: this type of meat is very light but it is preferable to marinate with wine and spices a couple of hours before cooking because it is a meat with a rather strong smell, it must be diluted in some way before the barbecue enhances it again and even more.
  4. The pig: pork at a diet barbecue? Of course yes, especially if we use thigh, loin and fillet, which are all three very very light. A pound of pork loin has 111 calories, don’t think that pork is necessarily fat, quite the contrary.
  5. Beef: A 100-gram steak contains 113 calories. And cooking at a high temperature is the one that is best tolerated by a type of meat like beef. It’s okay to use rump, rump or thigh for guaranteed success.

You can prepare skewers, with different cuts of meat, interspersed with vegetables that are good on the grill for a certainly appreciated fantasy dish.

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