Awaken and rebalance the chakras through meditation

Awaken and rebalance the chakras through meditation

Meditation on the chakras helps us to awaken the energy of our body: we are not talking about transcendental techniques but about simple exercises of visualization, breathing and music

Awaken and rebalance the chakras through meditation

Kundalini is the energy that acts at the level of the subtle body, traditionally represented by a sleeping snake, wrapped around the base of the spine. Its name derives from the word kundala , which means coiled, spiral. Each chakra or energy center has its specific function and kundalini is the energy that nourishes it as well as nourishes our whole body.

Meditation is about awakening energy. There are various types of meditation that act on the chakras : some oriental disciplines such as Yoga are based on the balance of the elements that make up the human being and start from meditation. But you don’t need to learn complicated techniques to free our imagination and creativity.

Chakras and meditation: how to get started

You can meditate starting from visualization exercises with colors : use your breath and every inspiration fill yourself with a color from the spectrum and imagine it more and more intense (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and white). Keep the color for at least 2-4 minutes. If the color feels nice, you can keep it for a longer period of time.

Before starting the chakra meditation , do not forget to arrange your meditation corner so that it is comfortable and peaceful, then light a candle and burn an incense stick to do some cleaning in the environment.

Or you can use music . Each type of music has a different effect depending on the choice of notes used, rhythm and instruments.

In the tradition of Indian music we find musical compositions generally improvised by the master starting from some prefixed motifs called raga: each raga has a different effect on our subtle system.

During meditation, one must imagine sound as an expanding force , conquering the outer spaces in ever wider waves of amplification. When the music ends, let’s enjoy for a moment the living silence that reaffirms itself within us.

Even our voice can play a fundamental role: you can use the vibrations produced by vowels or mantras , which also serve to clean and internalize our attention, and during meditation to help us reach a deeper meditative state.

To each chakra its own meditation 

There is a different area of ​​attention that accompanies meditation for each chakra . Muladhara chakra
is the first chakra of our subtle system and is located at the base of the spine , below the sacrum. A good way to help this chakra release tension is to sit on the ground so that it rests directly in contact with Mother Earth (lotus or cross-legged position). You can associate a mantra for the first chakra with meditation . To awaken Svadhisthana chakra , connected to the kidneys , emotions 
and to the element of water, the sound of the waves of the sea or a bath is excellent.

You can associate a mantra for the second chakra with meditation .

Manipura chakra is responsible for the functioning of the liver , which plays a very important role in maintaining attention and calm in any situation without developing excessive heat and excessive mental activity and wasting energy. Remaining silent is the most suitable meditation exercise for this chakra.

All chakras are connected to the Sun and in particular the heart chakra, Anahata . Light and heat radiate from the heart . The element of Anahata is air, in fact the lungs are also linked to this chakra: anxieties or fears can cause blockages in this area. To change this condition, you can take long, deep breaths and long sunbathing. You can associate a mantra for the fourth chakra with meditation .

Vishudda chakra is related to expression and throat. We must feel how the word is a magical instrument, which projects the sounds and frequencies of every life into the universe.

Focusing on the power of sincerity towards oneself and towards others, reciting a mantra or chanting improvising on the vowels develop this energy center. Ajna chakra  is linked to our perception of reality and judgment: cultivating forgiveness by freeing yourself from obsessive thoughts awakens it and gives a clearer vision.
For the opening of the seventh chakra Sahasrara it is necessary to deepen the connection with universal energy and one’s own spirituality.

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