Chakras, the centers of life energy

Chakras, the centers of life energy

Some considerations on Gabriella Cella’s book “Chakras, subtle centers of vital energy”, particularly suitable for those who approach the theme of chakras for the first time

Chakras, the centers of life energy

The book we are about to review is the work of one of the most eminent figures of yoga in Italy: Gabriella Cella al Chamali. Teacher with thirty years of experience, founder of one of her Yoga Ratna schools , tireless disseminator, this teacher represents a cardinal point for the discipline in our country.

Evaluating his work as a whole is not an easy task, given its breadth: the publications overlap and cover a ten-year period. In the opinion of the writer, particularly noteworthy are the texts born from the collaboration with the gynecologist Fiorenza Zanchi as well as the encyclopedic “Great book of yoga”, a real Bible for yoga teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Here we will deepen the book ” Chakra, subtle centers of vital energy ” published by Fabbri Editori, which has 109 pages and has a cover price of 12 euros.

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Structure and style of the book

” Chakras, subtle centers of life energy ” is divided into four parts. The first introduces the reader to the subject of the chakras : what they are, where they are, how they work. The second analyzes them one by one, explains their functions, symbols and provides exercises to stimulate the vira chakras (ie the “protective” chakras) and concentration exercises to activate the royal chakras (ie the seven main ones along the column The third exposes a series of practices for energy rebalancing accompanied by explanatory drawings.

The fourth and last part is entirely dedicated to specific asanas for each chakra .

The structure of the book turns out to be particularly appropriate because it allows a full understanding of both experts and novices. The text flows fluid page after page and the reader is taken by the hand by an authoritative guide that never gives way to boredom or verbiage. Furthermore, the discussion is pleasantly interspersed with aphorisms, poems and quotations on the subject with the topics examined from time to time.

The explanatory style is plain and clear, of immediate fruition. Even the figures used to explain the positions, although pictorial, successfully perform their function of illustrating the asana taken into consideration despite not using the aid of photographs. They are immediately understandable and easily decipherable.

A judgment on ” Chakras, subtle centers of vital energy ” and advice for all readers

As can be seen from what has been stated so far, we are faced with a fundamentally advisable text especially for a passionate public , but which is still taking its first steps in the world of yoga .

Yet, in the opinion of the writer, going to deepen the judgment, the book can be defined enjoyable, but, in essence, negligible: if you are interested in the physiology of the chakras, many other titles are more exhaustive in the philosophical explanations and more in-depth on the various topics taken into consideration with respect to this of the Cell. There is also a lack of a bibliography that would have given scientificity to the text and of a broader proposal of asanas and specific concentration techniques for the various chakras.

It is not asserting that the cognitive proposal offered is not valid, only that it remains at a slightly superficial level, especially if you are well versed on the subject.

In summary: the book ” Chakras, subtle centers of vital energy ” is an interesting title especially for a novice reader or for the expert who can see in it a very useful bignami.

The invitation, however, is to explore the immense work of Gabriella Cella and to move within it with confidence knowing that not everything will be right for you, but that you will undoubtedly find truly precious stones in it. 

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