Avoid weight gain by eating like this

Avoid weight gain by eating like this

One of the biggest problems for those who lose weight is never losing weight.
But avoid weight gain afterwards.
All the people who say they can’t lose weight have actually lost weight at least on a diet and at least once in their life, but have regained the weight they lost.

Which happens in most cases.
In fact, 95% of people who go on a diet regain the weight they lost within five years from the end of the diet . But how can you avoid weight gain?
And why does weight gain occur in the first place?

The answer is complex but most people tend to blame themselves for this .

In fact, everyone experiences an increase in hunger, and at the same time the metabolism that slows down with weight loss makes it difficult not to regain the lost pounds already in the so-called maintenance diet.
Add your friend’s birthday, a pizza every now and then, holidays and paf, the body accumulates unwanted pounds over time. Weight gain thus becomes a very common thing.


  • What happened? Unwanted weight gain is explained by the weight set point theory and the settling point theory .
  • When we lose weight, the body, which had stabilized at its previous weight for years, tries to return to that weight, making it difficult for us to fill up and pushing the body to burn fewer calories than it did before the diet.
  • In fact, the daily calorie requirement of people who are on a maintenance diet is always less than what burns and what a person who has been in that healthy weight for a lifetime needs to live.
  • You went on a 1200 calorie diet to lose 10kg and go from 65 to 55kg.
  • Your maintenance diet is 1500 or 1600 calories to stay at 55 pounds .
    But a person who has always been at 55 kilos does not eat so little.
    In all likelihood she will eat around two thousand calories and more (if she is a woman). And she will also be less hungry.
  • Let’s say we are able to keep the weight lost until it stabilizes, a point that we call settling point.
    It takes one to two years to do this, on average, but can we ever continue to eat 500 fewer calories than someone who has the same weight as us? Five hundred calories is a rich portion of Bolognese tagliatelle or two small croissants with cream.
  • And in the meantime we have to fight with double the hunger, because the levels of leptin, the satiety hormone, plummet with the diet.
  • The only solution is to be smart enough to increase calories a little at a time, introduce more fiber and do more physical activity than before in order not to gain weight. But the risk is always around the corner.

But is there an easier way to reduce the risk of weight gain after the diet after trying so hard to lose it? Yes. (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO)

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