At what age can one go to the cosmetic surgeon?

At what age can one go to the cosmetic surgeon?

Cosmetic surgery has made great strides and, for this very reason, it is experiencing a moment of great attraction for women and men of all ages. One of the most popular questions that are asked to experts in the sector concerns the age at which it is possible to start using this kind of interventions and treatments. 

There is no single answer

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The truth is that there is no single answer because it all depends on the patient and the problem he intends to solve. Our society is now mature enough to understand that cosmetic surgery is not a star whim but a real medical branch that improves the lives of thousands of people every year. 

Having a body that we are able to accept is the basis of a good physical and mental balance so it is not up to us to judge what we like and what we don’t like. Since the taste is personal we would like to go a little deeper to analyze the benefits that cosmetic surgery can bring to a subject who intends to use it. However, it is essential to contact only professionals in the sector and therefore identify a good cosmetic surgeon in Rome , or in any city you decide to carry out the surgery, and request a medical consultation.

It all depends on the patient

First of all, there is no specific age after or before which the cosmetic surgeon can remember. This professional figure is a real doctor who, as such, has pursued a degree and, therefore, knows in depth the dynamics of the human body . There may be young cases and older cases precisely because cosmetic surgery is not only synonymous with botox and retouching as we often read in pink magazines. 

The real professional can make a difference

What is certain is that the final decision is always up to the surgeon who does not work for the sake of doing it but only after a cognitive interview. As part of this meeting, the specialist checks the situation deemed to be changed by the patient and listens to his reasons , his wishes and his expectations. 

Subsequently, the specialist will propose a series of questions concerning the patient’s clinical past to ascertain any intolerances, allergies or particular pathologies. Finally, he will propose a remedy or an intervention or he may even refuse to perform an intervention . 

The ultimate goal is health

The reasons are many and range from the non -feasibility of the client’s requests to the risk that an intervention could compromise his health. The reason why it is always recommended to consult a professional and qualified cosmetic surgeon concerns the human health that they help to preserve. 

The removal or alleviation of certain aesthetic defects can create even very serious discomfort for patients but the solutions to be implemented, regardless of age , could be many. The important thing is to resolve a condition of pathological discomfort that relieves the patient of the negative or painful sensations he feels. Everything else is just gossip and has nothing to do with the real intent of real plastic surgery, made up of study, research and continuous training. 

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