Are you short in stature? Here is the diet for short women

Are you short in stature? Here is the diet for short women

Small women do not have an easy time when it comes to losing weight, and in fact the “littlest” are those who have more weight problems than taller women.

The reason is simple, explains coach Jim Karas, author of the book ” The Petite Advantage Diet  , dedicated to short women who want to lose weight.

A short woman, that is to say about one meter and fifty maximum in height, has a lower caloric requirement than other women. And, especially if you are over 40, you will not lose weight easily on a 1300 calorie diet, because your metabolism is usually about 1600/1700 calories in total if you are sedentary. 
Therefore, if a normally tall and young woman usually eats 1800-2100 calories, she can lose about half a kilo a week by eating 1500. All in all, a sustainable diet.

While a short woman often resorts to low-calorie starvation regimes to lose weight, on the thousand calories.
Furthermore, she is forbidden to go overboard or overdo it at the table, precisely because it is easy to cancel a caloric deficit that is not too high compared to one’s daily requirement and end up being even. And, in everyday life, she should eat like a bird so as not to gain weight, especially after menopause. In short: being low in some cases is a disadvantage.

How can short women lose weight then?

They have to be smart. Here are some tips for losing weight if you are six feet tall according to the coach.

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