Aphta on the tongue: causes and natural remedies

Aphta on the tongue: causes and natural remedies

How to cure with natural remedies and canker sores on the tongue and how to prevent some of the causes of this disorder with your lifestyle.

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  • What is tongue mouth ulcer
  • Symptoms of mouth ulcer on the tongue
  • How long does it last on the tongue
  • Causes of mouth ulcer on the tongue
  • How to cure canker sores on the tongue
  • Aphta on the tongue: natural remedies
  • Recommended diet in case of aphthata on the tongue
  • How to prevent mouth ulcers


What is tongue mouth ulcer

Aphthae on the tongue are only small ulcers that are found on the surface of the tongue. They measure a few millimeters and initially appear as small painful boils and then open into sores.


Symptoms of mouth ulcers

The small size of the canker sores on the tongue , usually from 2 to 5 millimeters, does not make them pain-free, on the contrary: due to their position and their nature as an open ulcer , they are very annoying and lead to pain while eating or you drink or, if in places of the tongue in contact with the teeth, even just keeping the mouth closed.


How long does it last on the tongue

The initial phase, the one in which there is still no open sore, lasts a couple of days; on the other hand, when the ulcer manifests the mouth ulcer, it can last from 5 to 15 days depending on the physical state in which you are.


Causes of mouth ulcer on the tongue

There are various causes of mouth ulcer on the tongue, but the main ones are attributable to the following factors:

  • compromised or weak immune system , whereby the epithelium of the mouth is exposed and sensitive to bacterial attacks;
  • diet low in folate and B-complex vitamins ;
  • improper nutrition that leads to stomach and liver overload;
  • intestinal dysbiosis with constipation or slowed transit ;
  • stress and trauma due to the ingestion of too hot food;
  • poor oral hygiene , both for the dental arches and for the tongue itself.


Mouth ulcers, causes and natural remedies


How to cure canker sores on the tongue

When the problem has already arisen, there are different hce therapeutic paths that can be undertaken in order to limit the discomfort caused by the aphta and reduce the risk of new ulcers. The feedback from the treating physician is essential to evaluate which therapies are most suitable based on the specific situation of the subject. 


Aphthae on the tongue can be treated with natural remedies even without resorting to drugs. Taking into account the course of canker sores can help us manage the various remedies in the various moments in which a mouth ulcer develops on the tongue.


The first stage is a small, sore ball on the surface or sides of the tongue. At first it will not show up with a boil, but only as a reddish hump of a few millimeters. But soon it will become more and more sensitive to pain and will take on a whitish appearance in the center. When the ulcer is open we will be in the acute phase of the ulcer, and therefore already in the moment of recovery of balance and healing, but in any case in the most annoying moment.


For each stage it is possible to adopt a specific natural remedy.

  1. When the mouth is still closed , it is possible to rinse the mouth with lemon  and  vinegar or baking soda . The rinses with lemon and vinegar are also excellent in moments when the ulcer is open , but they are very annoying and painful. Bicarbonate, on the other hand, should be excluded when the ulcer is already clearly visible: even diluted in water it is too aggressive an element that burns the exposed mucous membranes.
  2. When the sore is open, what can be done is to resort to natural remedies that allow it to heal and at the same time disinfect the mouth .


Aphta on the tongue: natural remedies

Natural healing agents are the best remedies to soothe and disinfect the mouth:

  • Tea tree essential oil and geranium oil are excellent: just dissolve two drops of tea tree or geranium essential oil (or one or the other, not together) in a glass of warm water and use it as a mouthwash .
  • Aloe gel , applied directly to the sore, also refreshes , heals and helps regenerate torn tissue.
  • Using ventilated green clay allows you to heal : dissolve the tip of a teaspoon in half a liter of still water and use it to rinse your mouth after each meal. Then it is necessary to repeatedly rinse the inside of the mouth with fresh water. The clay has disinfectant and bactericidal power .


Recommended diet in case of aphthata on the tongue

When it has due causes and food overload it is advisable to pay attention to nutrition:

  • lighten stomach work by introducing fresh and light foods , preferring seasonal vegetables and whole grains, avoiding spices and foods that are too hot, both from the point of view of temperature and from the energy point of view. Mouth ulcer is a manifestation of upward heat and therefore it is necessary to calm this flaring yang, balancing with more yin plant foods .
  • In the case of intestinal dysbiosis it is easy to find a correspondence between the canker sores on the tongue and the altered state of the intestinal flora : the first step will therefore be to rebalance the diet, lightening it as already recommended, and introducing food supplements that allow to regulate transit. Miso , in a soup that is not too hot but also taken alone, is rich in enzymes that allow you to heal the situation of imbalance of the intestine and stomach.


How to prevent mouth ulcers

Finally, when a state of stress also contributes to the manifestation of canker sores on the tongue , a way must be found to better manage one’s emotional states and one’s response to external stimuli : in this case it is useful to apply meditation , mindfulness , breathing exercises. , yoga , and how much it allows you to become more fully aware of your behavioral mechanisms to better control them in cases of psycho-emotional overload .

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