Anorexia would also be a metabolic disorder

Anorexia would also be a metabolic disorder

Anorexia, one of the most serious mental disorders both for probability of getting out of it and for consequences, often fatal, would not only have a mental but a metabolic origin. That is, according to a new study, it would be linked to a genetic problem of a metabolic type.


According to a new study published in the journal Nature, in fact, anorexia is more precisely a metabolic-psychiatric disorder. According to the researchers, in the study we read the following (my translation).
The genetic architecture of anorexia nervosa reflects its clinical representation, showing significant genetic correlations with psychiatric disorders, with physical activity, and with metabolic (including glycemic), lipid and anthropometric traits, independent of the effects of the common associated variants body mass index.

ANOREXIA: because it is a metabolic and psychiatric disorder

In summary, the researchers analyzed the DNA of seventeen thousand people with anorexia and compared the results with the DNA of more than fifty thousand people who neither suffered nor had ever suffered from this disorder.
They identified eight genetic markers that are also common among people with obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, anxiety, a tendency to over train, and anthropometric traits including low body mass index.
The researchers would like to analyze the DNA of one hundred thousand people with anorexia to have further confirmation of the results.
What changes and why is it important? Because if the researchers’ thesis were confirmed, then the current treatment approach should be reviewed, both from a psychiatric and pharmacological point of view. This would lead to a therapy with higher success rates for patients.

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