The company Digital Bros officially enters the world of Virtual Reality thanks to the publishers of 505 Games, through which the company will be able to …

The company Digital Bros officially enters the world of Virtual Reality thanks to the publishers of 505 Games , through which the company will be able to expand the innovative survival title for Oculus Rift, ADR1FT , in Italy . The game has an experience that, with the Oculus Rift , overwhelms you from start to finish in first-person virtual reality. The story tells of a small astronaut pericone in the deepest space. The title inaugurates a new genre, the First Person Experience (also called FPX), in which the player will have to fight to survive the events and will have to explore the spaceship in search of the precious resources that are used, in fact, for his own survival, in addition he will have to overcome all the challenges in an adverse environment to be able to repair his emergency vehicle and finally return home safe and sound.


ADR1FT will give players a solitary and intimate travel experience in the deepest space and, thanks to the newest Virtual Reality technology with the Oculus Rift, it will also offer a gaming experience with a level of coninvolginemtno never experienced before in a video game. These were the words of the CEO of Digital Bros , Raffaele Galante :

“ Virtual Reality represents one of the most interesting evolutions in the videogames sector at the moment. We believe in the potential of this new technology and in fact with 505 Games, we will be present in person at the launch of Oculus Rift with ADR1FT . Digital Bros, always operates at the forefront of the new technological trends of the industry. Through the creation of original intellectual properties, it has developed an editorial strategy that is very attentive to innovation, to the enhancement of the creativity of independent developers and to the ferment that these have brought to the sector “.

We remind all our Game Legends readers that ADR1FT can be played with or without a headset and will be available starting March 28, 2016 for PC (via Steam ), at the launch of Oculus Rift.

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