A workout to raise your metabolism

A workout to raise your metabolism

A workout to raise the metabolism, at least according to a group of scientists. And it’s not HIIT.
According to researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, in fact, a single 60-minute workout would keep metabolism high for the next two days.

Are you curious to find out which one?
Well, according to the scientists it would be an hour on the treadmill the workout to raise the metabolism up to the next 48 hours. No more, no less.

To arrive at this result, the scientists analyzed the neural activity of a group of mice subjected to various types of training and then metabolically monitored in the following days.

In particular, it appears that a workout that activates the neurons of melanocortin , a key hormone whose deficiency causes obesity, reduces appetite and blood pressure, and is a signal for faster metabolism.

Training on the treadmill would not only activate these neurons, leading to increased production of melanocortin but would reduce the production of a hormone called AgRP .
The latter is associated with a lower metabolism and a greater stimulus of hunger.

In addition, more sugars would be burned in particular, i.e. it would be the carbohydrate metabolism to improve significantly.
According to the scientists, these same neural modifications can be found in humans, who in this respect would be quite similar to mice.

The study appeared in the journal Molecular Metabolism .

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