A protein to stimulate the metabolism

A protein to stimulate the metabolism

A group of researchers working to find new cancer therapies accidentally make another discovery .

The discovery of a protein that the body produces naturally, namely  FGFBP3 or BP3 to simplify. Which, according to a study conducted by Georgetown University , would be able to stimulate metabolism and reduce body fat even in those who, like a group of obese mice that showed strong food addiction, eat continuously.
The increase in this protein leads to an increase in both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. As a result, the body tends to burn calories from both carbohydrates and fats without being able to convert them into body fat. At the same time, the protein would lower blood sugar.

That of the Georgetown University research team is therefore an extremely important discovery. It could kick-start new therapies to permanently defeat obesity. Mice subjected to an increase in protein lost a third of their body fat in just 18 days.

But what is the BP3 protein? It would be a protein belonging to those linked to the growth factor of fibroblasts, that is, they are key proteins in the development and differentiation of cells according to a hormonal mechanism, in particular for connective tissue. For this reason, the growth factor of fibroblasts is also at the center of many studies on the development of tumors. However, the mice in which they only increased this protein showed no side effects.
The study, led by Dr. Anton Wellstein, appeared in Scientific Reports .

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