A holistic, authentic, transparent 2014

A holistic, authentic, transparent 2014

The new year begins and it is perhaps worth reviewing the attitudes that we carry with us like heavy sacks full of unusable materials. Some ideas, new approaches with our fellow men and with ourselves

A holistic, authentic, transparent 2014

If there are spaces of malaise that we opened in 2013 or that we have been dragging backwards for years, this year, which corresponds to the year of the Horse in Chinese astrology , is a good year to revolutionize. Revolution that is cosmic and individual. Revolution that must not be made roughly and loudly, but can be silent and effective.  

  • Develop authenticity . Allow yourself to be who you want to be. Act like the person you want to be. Transparency and authenticity do not allow negative energies to feed themselves by riding the insecurity of playing a role. 
  • Watch where you put your feet. Enough of these heads bent over mobile phones or tablets. Do you think that you are placing your skeleton on the earth, it is not a trivial matter.  
  • Speaking of skeleton , send him thoughts every so often to your gorgeous 206 (or so) bones . From the large femur to the tiny bone of the stirrup. Bones are among the most active living organs in the body, making blood cells in full swing. In fact, about 180 million red blood cells die every day and our bones replace them with new and healthy blood cells, this is how we avoid dying of anemia, so to speak. Bones produce white blood cells that defend us against infections and blood platelets which are essential for blood clotting. Not only that: calcium is essential for the contraction of muscles and for the functioning of the nervous system, as well as the heartbeat.  
  • Develop symbiotic but not parasitic relationships. Get in touch with the feelings of others but don’t get overwhelmed by your own and others’ emotional motions. 
  • To prevent energy expenditure left and right, it becomes strong. How? Dedicate yourself to the abdominal center , explore with exercises on an empty stomach. And there’s no better way to get strong than it is: to breathe 
  • Enter the dimension of those who are capable. In short: do. 
  • Americans say “Fill your own cup” . Be the one to fill your own cup yourself. Now, it is a comparison that succeeds them well, considering how enormous are generally the coffee mixtures that are swallowed on average in that part of the world. We will do the example with the water , of which we are made and which keeps us alive. A glass of water when you are thirsty and also when you do not know you are thirsty. Do what it takes to love yourself so you will not need others to pour you the water you need and you will love without expecting anything else.
  • Clean your room and throw away what you don’t need. Put something essential to remind yourself how precious you are. 
  • Marry your physical body Love it. Explore it. Talk to us. Move it. 
  • Develop faith in yourself. You can trust your inner guidance. If you don’t trust someone, observe if you are not trusting yourself. The discernment between someone who is good for you and bad for you is found within. 
  • Try not to think that you have to safeguard yourself from someone or something that steals your energy. 
  • Learn to see .  
  • See the world for what it is. Not heroes or losers, not victims or perpetrators. 
  • Avoid polarizing , otherwise you also do it with yourself. 
  • You act by translating with your hands and heart the behaviors and listening you would like from others.
  • If you see a behavior that you like and it adds light, imitate it, start producing it.  
  • Find a space, even physical, that guarantees you power . May it be total for you to be able to say, do, create.
  • Distribute gratitude that comes from your heart. An unspoken thank you is a flower held in a concrete container. 
  • Fewer thoughts of fear . Watch them and let them go. This will allow you to resonate on higher vibrations. 
  • Encourage others in their strengths and never belittle them for their weaknesses. Not that you have to become a flatterer or a flatterer, you need to know even better how to deal with yourself without judging and sinking yourself. 

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