5 books for the summer

5 books for the summer

From the spirituality that matters to the books that teach you to take care of your teeth and intestines. 4 wonderful texts for the summer, all to flip through while your (protected!) Skin tans

5 books for the summer

Many study or work and think of everything except taking a book on vacation , but we would like to remind you that there is nothing better than taking a good read on a trip, leaving room for someone’s words, writings.

Even better if these words are harbingers of new habits and discoveries both in the spiritual sphere and in everyday life.

Reading in the summer can be a radical choice with surprising results, as it allows us to discover new horizons and prepares us for a renewal that can also be implemented starting from September. Of course, the choice must be considered, as the eyes deserve to rest and if they have to stay on words they might as well be useful. 

Reading means giving yourself new possibilities , discarding old habits, entering new horizons of meaning.

And when the mind is calm and there is a beneficial inner silence  and a good regulation of the breath, the words are assimilated better, they penetrate, they do their beautiful job.

5 books recommended for the summer

Here is an absolutely unmissable top five , ranging from daily habits to conscious management of one’s spiritual charge.

1. The happy intestine , Giulia Enders 

The subtitle of this nimble useful book is “The Secrets of the Lesser Known Organ of Our Body”.

Giulia Enders has spread in a simple and effective way some notions that are becoming of general cultural domain. The entire preface is dedicated to evacuation and allergies, and then opens up to an extensive part dedicated to the nervous system of the intestine , with a greater supply of nerves than that of the brain .

The book is truly enjoyable and the author, a recent PhD student in medical biology at the Institute of Microbiology at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and future gastroenterologist, using the beautiful drawings of her sister Jill, is able to explain complex concepts even in a very agile way.

At the end of the summer you will get to know your digestive system better and take responsibility for what to choose to eat and how to treat your “emotional reservoir” with respect .  

2. Healing yourself with water and lemon , Simona Oberhammer 

We hear that lemon takes care of everything and it is heard above all by the most hygienic, by vegans, by raw foodists. Yet the lemon is a remedy within everyone’s reach and is also good for those who follow a, say, Mediterranean diet, with no particular restrictions on diet.

On this powerful alkalizing of the body, the naturopath Simona Oberhammer wrote this very useful book, which arises from the results that people have had by participating in her courses.

Also called the remedy of the “internal shower”, water and lemon is an effective and simple remedy that must however be adopted in the appropriate way . Deep detoxification , body hygiene from the inside, from the inner depth. 

5 books to know yourself

3. You are not god , Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici

Maura and Andrea are not only a fantastic family, but also a crazy operational core. We are talking about Maura Gancitano, author of Maleficent , translator and spiritual researcher, mother, and Andrea Colamedici, philosopher, popularizer, father. Many of you were waiting for this book without knowing how long.

All those with gastroesphageal reflux from spirituality , with the reserve of patience towards presumed gurus exhausted, here, could benefit from this text. 

Or at least feel less alone, find someone willing to tidy up and clean up the great chaos of confusion that tries to pollute the pure esoteric tradition .

What happens to the real research and the genuine offer? The discipline that bears fruit is far from professing any creed of the masses.  You don’t expand your consciousness in a day , you don’t get enlightened with a paid course.

But this offer breathes on the neck even of the purest researchers and Maura and Andrea with this  You are not God  give a first true antidote to this  total dispersion of intent and meaning .

4. Treat your teeth naturally , Nadine Artemis  

Teeth and gums are happy if they are taken care of properly. The steps to take to take care of your oral hygiene can be really effective and the book by Nadine Artemis explains it well.

How to strengthen and nourish the teeth, how to better understand the internal anatomy of the mouth and what toothpastes, collectors really contain, how the mechanism of fillings and root canal treatments works.

The text is read with gusto and is full of practical advice on oral hygiene , easy to transform into daily habits.  

5. Sooner or later I do! , Monica Ramirez Basco 

Benjamin Franklin used to say that a person can continue to procrastinate but that time does not do the same, it does not behave the same way. Time flies, they say, but we too can get wings.

Postponing is a habit and a real modality generated by a defense mechanism that risks becoming chronic.

Procrastination is a way to manage the anxiety of making a decision, deciding. Planning is a pre-verbal activity while procrastination is the means our brain uses to tell us that the plan is wrong or completely ineffective.

When we should carry out an action but a distraction or the desire to postpone takes over , it is better to let absolute nothing prevail ; do not go to social networks, do not do other things, but continue what we should or do absolutely nothing.

In Ramirez Bosco’s book you will find a lot of information and practical advice on how to change the bad habit of always postponing 

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