7-day ketogenic diet reduces blood sugar and inflammation

7-day ketogenic diet reduces blood sugar and inflammation

The ketogenic diet works to reduce blood sugar and inflammation as long as you only do it for a week every now and then. A 7-day ketogenic diet is beneficial for the metabolism, but after a week its benefits disappear or even the side effects begin.

This is what a study conducted on a group of mice established , which analyzed all the metabolic parameters after a week of ketogenic diet and the following weeks. Eating a 7-day ketogenic diet has been shown to reduce blood sugar, intestinal inflammation and improve metabolism, allowing the body to produce delta T cells that stimulate the immune system. Conversely, after the first week, blood sugar tends to worsen, there is a risk of insulin resistance and the body tends to accumulate visceral fat instead of burning fat.

But how to do a 7-day ketogenic diet? 
First of all, those who are diabetic or obese must always consult a doctor first, regardless of what a scientific study may say. On other people a week of ketogenic diet does not create side effects, but you still have to use your head (and tell your doctor).

Here’s how to do it with excellent results: 3-4 kg away.

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