5 effects of cannabis on health and on the body

5 effects of cannabis on health and on the body

5 effects of cannabis on health and on the body

What are the effects of using cannabis on health and on the body? What is the best way to understand if the frequent use of cannabis can be addictive and damage our brain and our body?

We at Vailo asked ourselves this. Here’s what we found.

In 2014, when some US states legalized the use of medical cannabis, the question was raised, even in Italy, if it had a therapeutic value, something found in some cases of Chron’s disease and irritable bowel .

But not only that: cannabis is also used as an analgesic in some cases of terminally ill patients.

What is the active ingredient in cannabis? THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is considered the progenitor among the cannaboid factors.

So is there a reason why so many users consider medical cannabis?

Yes of course.

Now let’s see 5 proven effects of cannabis on our body.

5 health effects of cannabis

  • It is a powerful pain reliever. It is often used in the terminally ill with severe pain or spasms, to soothe those who are daily sufferings. In fact, it is often used, even illegally by patients because cannabis releases endorphins and therefore manages to curb pain receptors.
  • It’s a sedative. In case of anxiety proven by a doctor, cannabis is a valid alternative to sleep than a tranquilizer, managing to release very soothing effects on the patient’s brain.
  • It is excellent against ulcerative colitis. In recent years, this study on ulcerative colitis and Chron’s disease has been carried out, finding an evident improvement in the intestinal tissues that regenerate more easily when the patient makes frequent use of cannabis.
  • It is an antiemetic and an appetite stimulant. It is used as an alternative therapy, in patients with anorexia, because it is a powerful inhibitor of vomiting and is able to be a known stimulant against inappetence. Not only is it used to help anorexia sufferers, it is also used to not induce vomiting in chemotherapy patients.
  • It is a neuro-protective. There are some studies that consider cannabis a powerful neuro-protective that mitigates the long-term effects of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.

It is clear that as a counteract any positive effect can be nullified by excessive use of cannabis which, in many cases, leads to an increase in mental problems, even exacerbating cases of schizophrenia. So cannabis, yes, but always by controlling doses or using drugs that also have a Thc base in their compound.


Some speak of cannabis as an enemy to be avoided with no ifs and buts. Many studies, however, give reason to those who claim that cannabis is positive for our body, with excellent effects both as an analgesic and as a sedative, both as an anti-emetic and as an appetite stimulant.

So no to the crusade against cannabis, yes to the studies that lead to the study of the substance Thc as a therapeutic, also because in many cases the studies have shown the potential of a substance that is pilloried only because it is a light drug.

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