5 diets to lose belly weight according to experts

5 diets to lose belly weight according to experts

You make sacrifices, you give up the foods you like for a salad, you train three or four times a week, maybe for hours, or you go for a run or walk. Do you give up alcohol and sugar, yet your belly doesn’t go away? It seems that those annoying kilos are all concentrated there, in a roundness that makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself. How to lose belly weight? Cracking abs? Fasting?

Here are 5 diets to lose weight according to three American nutritionists, Marilyn Glenville , Michela Vagnini and  Cassandra Barns , diets that address 5 different problems.

Depending on your type of problem, you will find the most suitable diet for your case.
Let’s see them together.


1) If you suffer from intestinal inflammation

This is the case if your belly is swollen and round despite diet and gymnastics: then there may be a problem in the intestine. Common symptoms include difficulty going to the toilet or frequent colic, spasms and excessive swelling after meals.

A healthy bacterial flora is a key element in losing weight, and in particular improving digestion and reducing abdominal fat. The inflammatory state is caused by the release of cytokines, which also weaken your immune system, or by bacterial over-proliferation. Solution . Try the intestinal flora diet to resolve the inflammatory state and the belly will go away too.

2) If you eat a diet that is too high in sugar or alcohol or take medications too often

Taking drugs, eating a diet too rich in simple sugars, drinking too often.
These three situations indirectly contribute to the formation of abdominal fat because they overload the liver. Consequently, this will more easily produce bad cholesterol and triglycerides and at the same time lose its functionality, with the risk of alcoholic or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is the case if you have high cholesterol or high triglycerides or high transaminases in addition to the belly problem. You suffer from nausea in the morning. You can no longer digest many foods. You have dull skin and suffer from continuous fatigue. You can’t tolerate even a cup of coffee, even on a full stomach. First, it’s best to reduce alcohol to a glass of wine once or twice a week. And do not take any medications or supplements unless under strict medical advice. Solution.

If what is written above were not enough, it is necessary to act on the liver with a purifying diet like this. 

3) You eat too many diet or sweetened foods

For many, a healthy diet is synonymous with light foods that often contain artificial sweeteners and additives that cause intestinal inflammation. Avoid a diet that is too loaded with artificial sweeteners and try to include saturated medium-chain triglycerides such as coconut oil, butter, or ghee in your diet. Solution. Choose a natural, detox diet that excludes any processed or industrial foods such as the Primal diet .

4) You sleep little and you are stressed

Our ancestors in the last century slept an average of nine hours a day, going to bed early and waking up early. We are already a lot if we can make seven in a row. But sleep is very important to give the body time to recover, rebalance, fight the inflammatory state, and keep the levels of leptin, the hormone that induces a sense of satiety, high.
In fact, those who sleep less tend to eat more. And to get fat.
Solution . If you are a person who sleeps little, you can try the leptin diet , or even the biorhythm diet to rebalance your circadian rhythms, with the advice, however, to take care of sleep, setting regular times when you go to bed and wake up.

5) You train too much and drastically cut calories. 

In this case, you probably don’t eat a diet that supports your energy demands, with the result that the rest of your body may be lean, but the bacon is left over. Optimize your training by doing 3-4 sessions a week of muscle mass exercises that last no more than an hour. At the same time, reduce the hours of running and treadmill or bike to 2-3 per week, always for an hour at the most.
Solution. Also do a diet to gain lean mass and reduce stubborn fat such as the stubborn fat diet .

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