3 tricks that allow you to lose the last 4 pounds

3 tricks that allow you to lose the last 4 pounds

We all know that at the beginning of a diet we lose weight more easily.

But over time the weight loss decreases or even stops.

But there is a solution.

Indeed there are 3.

There are 3 key points to be able to lose the last 4 kilos , the most difficult, this is what all dieticians, all experts, have always told us.

On the other hand, if we have about twenty kilos to lose we must think that the first 6 or 7 kilos we can lose even in the first month because what we lose is not only the first excess fat but also a lot of fluids.

Then in the following months by paying attention to nutrition and with constant exercise we can lose 3 or 4 kilos per month until we reach a physiological moment of stalemate in which we lose even 2 kilos only per month.

And this is what we need to be careful of, the moment when our body almost refuses to continue losing weight because it has gotten used to the calories it eats.

First of all we have to get busy with a little more intense physical exercise (after a few months we will certainly be more attentive and more trained) and then let’s move on to the 3 tricks I told you about at the beginning.

The three tricks

3 tricks that allow you to lose the last 4 kilos: the three tricks

1. During the entire duration of the diet, we must never eliminate more than 500 calories per day.

If our regular diet is based on 2000 calories, we reach a maximum of 1500, without exaggerating.

If you overdo it the body panics and slows down the metabolism as a survival response because it goes into FAME mode. Remember that it is also possible to lose weight by eating the right amount .

2. Get busy with a more intense workout. As I said before, the body gradually gets used to the type of training we have decided to tackle.

After a few months we need the next step to see the latest results, otherwise between regulated nutrition and calibrated exercises, our weight will settle on a standard from which it is difficult to untie.

3. Eliminate calories that do not serve as nutrients but are only harmful, empty and that lead to fat without adding anything to our body as nutrients.

Avoid alcohol and highly processed foods, which can wreak havoc on our metabolism.

3 tricks that allow you to lose the last 4 kilos: the three tricks

In short, as we have said many times, the diet is not just a moment in which we decide to lose weight to get a nice dress in but it is a change we try to make to improve our lives.

So consider trying until the end to improve yourself, even with the help of fresh, healthy, zero-kilometer foods, which provide good substances for the body and to bring the metabolism to its best.

Increase your exercise as you try to challenge your limits, this is the real test to face, to be attentive towards yourself.

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