3 protein replacement meals according to Heidi Powell

3 protein replacement meals according to Heidi Powell

3 protein replacement meals that allow you to save time if you are in a hurry, have a balanced and dietary meal but especially low in calories if you are on a diet and looking for a way to eat more natural foods.

Here are 3 meal replacements created by celebrity coach Heidi Powell , which she uses daily to keep fit if she has little time to cook more elaborate meals. In the recipes I also provide you with alternatives for ingredients that may not be in season with us or are not found very frequently. Same calories, same macronutrients!

All you need to make them is a blender.
I recommend that you chop the fruit and refrigerate it. Special way the banana. It will be easier to use it in these recipes.


  1. The green smoothie of the goddess.

    One scoop (scoop) of vanilla protein as foodspring 3K Protein, Vanilla . Alternatively: 170 grams of 0% fat Fage yogurt.
    A handful of raw, tender spinach.
    Half ripe banana (50 gr)
    70 grams of kiwi
    5 grams of almond butter or peanut butter (I suggest you weigh it carefully, putting the blender jug ​​on the scale or considering half a teaspoon) or 30 grams of avocado.
    a slice of pineapple plain / in juice or fresh (70 grams)
    A cup of water if you use proteins (250 ml). No water or half the dose in case of yogurt, it depends on how creamy you want it.
    Blend all the ingredients with 2-3 ice cubes to make the mixture fluffy.
    Calories: 311 calories, including 23 grams of protein, 37 of carbohydrates and 6 of fat

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