11 winter recipes to lose weight one kg a week

11 winter recipes to lose weight one kg a week

Would you like to lose weight but don’t care about diets and are you looking for an alternative way to do it? In this article I suggest 10 winter recipes to lose one kg per week, with many variations that will allow you to bring a different menu to the table every time. You have 3 winter breakfast recipes, 4 lunch recipes and 4 dinner recipes. Add to the top two snacks of low-sugar fruit (apple, pear, orange, kiwi, plum) of 150 grams and you’re done.

The characteristic of these dishes is in fact that they are greedy, satiating but also have the perfect ingredients to promote weight loss in the cold season.
You can follow this menu for up to two weeks. Ideal if you want to quickly dispose of a couple of kilos after exaggerating at the table.


Plan from Monday to Friday

Winter recipes for breakfast.

  • A. A slice of light jam tart or 4 small vegan brownies + 150 ml of skimmed or soy milk, coffee or tea without sugar.
  • B. 1 slice of light apple pie + 125 grams of low-fat 0% fat yogurt + dr. Dressed .
  • C. Nutritionist’s winter smoothie + a rice cake with a teaspoon of honey + coffee or tea.

Winter recipes for lunch

  • A. Draining cabbage soup + 20 grams of Grana Padano or a large egg + a 100 gram fruit of your choice.
    Alternatively , cauliflower cream + a rice cake with a slice of raw ham + a sugar-free fennel seed tea.
  • B. Dietary pumpkin cream + a rice cake with two slices of bresaola + coffee and 5 grams of dark chocolate. Alternatively, velvety with sweet potatoes + a sugar-free rosemary herbal tea + 8 grams of dark chocolate.
  • C. Mireille soup + 40 grams of brown rice or wholemeal pasta or 90 grams of fresh gnocchi + a rosemary tea.
  • D. Easy slimming soup with legumes  + 2 nuts and a herbal tea of ​​your choice

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