Zeolite to purify the body

Zeolite to purify the body

A mineral of volcanic origin rich in the energies of fire, water and earth to purify the body of toxins and heavy metals.

Zeolite , the boiling stone , is a mineral of volcanic origin , similar to clay that energetically contains the forces of fire and water. 

We talk about it in a naturopathic key, therefore not only for its physiological properties but also on the basis of its energetic aspects and what actions they can exercise analogically on imbalances.

Properties of zeolite

Zeolite, indeed it would be more correct to say zeolites ( Mordenite, Clinoptilolite, Chabasite, Phillipsite, Analcime, Sepiolite, Montmorillonite ), are hydrated aluminosilicates of alkaline and alkaline-earth metals. 

Their formation takes place through the meeting of the incandescent lava with the brackish water of the sea and it is to this unusual combination that we owe such a particular structure. 

Zeolite can be further activated through a purely physical manufacturing process, whereby it is loaded with cations capable of establishing bonds that attract  heavy metals and toxic substances.

It owns properties:

> purifying , for the well-being of the whole organism, it acts primarily on the intestine , liver and kidneys , the excretory organs responsible for detoxifying the organism. 


> antioxidants , acts as a neutralizer of free radicals from oxidative stress, pollution, drugs, smoking, stress, incorrect diet. 


> alkalizing, counteracts inflammation and contains the phenomena of acidosis , absorbs protein catabolites.


> eudermic , it helps to compact the skin, to purify it of toxins, to speed up healing times.


Zeolite: indications

Zeolite has a very particular structure, designed to favor the purification of the organism: its crystals in fact consist of a microporous surface similar to a sponge with a network of channels that trap toxins , free radicals and heavy metals through a chelating and adsorbing action , they retain them, to then eliminate them through urination and defecation.


Zeolite is indicated to purify the body periodically, but also to detoxify it in specific cases: 


> food poisoning : in case of problems due to food poisoning , poisoning from spoiled foods, zeolite is a highly recommended remedy, capable of adsorbing toxic substances, isolating them from the rest of the body and conveying them until expulsion. 


> acne : skin impurity problems due to skin bacterial agents or excessive sebum production can be significantly improved with the use of zeolite. Acts as a regulator on acne , its absorbing power facilitates epidermal rebalancing. 


It is in fact possible to apply the zeolite powder directly on the parts to be treated , conveyed with a lactic detergent, to be applied and left to act for some time and then rinse. 


> dermatitis : forms of skin inflammation, peeling, itching and redness often depend on an intoxicated liver , kidneys struggling to dispose  of waste,  contact allergies , such as nickel .  


Zeolite for both internal and external use represents a valid support for the purification of the organism and skin care. 


> fatty liver : an overloaded liver , which struggles to function, benefits from the purifying effect of zeolite, which binds toxins and harmful substances already present in the intestine to itself, improves cellular exchange, assists in the regeneration of liver cells.


Zeolite, symbolism

Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin resulting from the encounter between fire and water. Water extinguishes fire, we know, and fire heats water and can bring it to a boil and change its state, from liquid to gaseous. The energetic strength of zeolite is contained in these simple basic principles .


Analogically, an inflamed organism, with the “fire” inside, needs to be dampened. Zeolite carries with it a message of rebalancing, it does not throw a bucket of water but absorbs excess heat, inflammation, acidity, incorporates it and eliminates it, without destabilizing our system.


Often the “fire inside” in Chinese medicine is due to an unbalanced Wood element, because it is not properly fed by the Water element or not controlled by the Earth element. 


It is a liver that does not drain properly because it is overloaded, a gall bladder that does not emulsify  fats with bile , so it needs to be energetically helped. Zeolite is one of the remedies that realigns these energies: it carries with it an analog message that it transmits to cells and their structures

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