You can lose a lot of weight without counting calories, here’s how

You can lose a lot of weight without counting calories, here’s how

Losing a lot of weight, losing 10 kilos or 12 kilos without counting calories is possible in six months, according to a group of researchers: not only that, but after a year it would still be possible to maintain the weight loss obtained.

The amazing news comes from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practice: in essence, the doctors followed two groups of people with obesity and overweight problems for about a year.

In the first six months, the first group was subjected to a diet without counting calories , but simply according to the guidelines that I will list later; the second group took supplements to lose weight.

After six months, the first group lost an average of 12 pounds from eating their fill, while the second group had no significant weight differences. After another six months, the first group continued to maintain the results achieved.

But what was the dietary intervention of the researchers?


The doctors proposed a whole vegan diet (not just vegan) to the first group, which could eat fruit, vegetables, natural soy, legumes and whole grains with no restrictions on quantity.

To this diet they had to associate B vitamins supplements, and not take too much fat, but up to 15% maximum of their total daily intake (therefore the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day).
Therefore they could not eat dried and oily fruit (such as walnuts, almonds), and had to avoid industrial products of all kinds.

Let’s see an example of the researchers’ diet on page two. You eat your fill and lose two kilos a month.

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