Women’s Day: initiatives for women’s prevention

Women’s Day: initiatives for women’s prevention

For the Women’s Day Onda organizes the H-Open Weekend Gynecology: an initiative to raise awareness among women with the possibility of free visits, checks and consultations throughout Italy.


120 hospitals open their doors from 6 to 9 March

120 hospitals ‘close to women’ from 6 to 9 March 2020 open the doors of the clinics on the occasion of the H-Open Weekend of Gynecology .

An initiative promoted by the National Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health (Onda) on the occasion of Women’s Day which involves numerous national hospitals that are members of the Bollini network in pink .

Four days full of free initiatives for women’s health ranging from consultations to gynecological visits, from conferences to a variety of clinical-diagnostic services.  

Pink stickers: an acknowledgment to hospitals close to women

The pink stickers are the awards that Onda attributes to Italian hospitals that are particularly “close to women”. To those realities that offer patients targeted diagnostic-therapeutic paths and services dedicated to various female pathologies.

The adhesion of hospitals to the call for the Pink Stamps award takes place on a voluntary basis.

Through this assignment, therefore, the Observatory creates a real network of Italian hospitals at the forefront as regards the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of female pathologies . 

The pink stickers  are also a useful choice tool for patients who can thus compare the services offered and those awarded. 
The activities proposed by the structures belonging to the network

The first pink sticker was awarded in 2007 and since then the services offered by the hospitals belonging to the network have greatly expanded and strengthened.

(H) OpenDay, (H) OpenWeek, (H) Open Weekend, for example, are single days, weekends or specific weeks dedicated to information and awareness of the female population.

On the occasion of these initiatives, in fact, patients can access a variety of free services (such as visits, exams and consultations), also participating in conferences and targeted activities.
Best Practice, on the other hand, is a competition to reward best practices among the hospitals belonging to the network. Customer Satisfaction  allows users to express a personal opinion on the services provided.

Finally, the Special Projects are specific initiatives aimed at offering precise and detailed information to the population.

6-9 March 2020: H-Open Weekend for prevention in Gynecology

120 hospitals have joined this year’s H-Open Weekend Gynecology .

Outpatient clinics and hospitals throughout Italy will open their doors to allow free visits, consultations and clinical-diagnostic services.

The goal is to spread knowledge and prevent the main gynecological problems from puberty to menopause.

All the services offered and the list of hospitals participating in the initiative can be consulted here .

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