WineZero is coming: the light and non-alcoholic wine

WineZero is coming: the light and non-alcoholic wine

I know what you are thinking: a light wine? Alcohol free? And what kind of wine is that ???
You are wrong, it is really wine.  One hundred percent.

Except that it is a light wine, with 9 calories per 100 ml, but it is real wine, red or white (sparkling wine is also available) that is obtained just like a wine, but simply has an extra step. This light wine is in fact dealcoholized , and this technique allows to obtain a wine equal to the others in terms of body, flavor, nutrients (it is equally rich in grape antioxidants), but with a tenth of the calories, while keeping the taste intact.

Did I intrigue you?
This light wine is called WineZero , and is suitable for all those who want to enjoy a glass of wine without having the problem of alcohol and calories. In fact, 100 ml of red wine provides an average of 85-90 calories. A large part of these calories comes from alcohol. We can therefore speak of “empty calories”.

Light wine is a trend abroad, but it is almost always alternative drinks.
In Italy, on the other hand, we show that we do things in style when it comes to wine.

The WineZero dealcoholization process is done on a mature, normal wine, which has therefore already undergone all the production processes for the finished product and is produced from selected grapes. It is therefore not a substitute for wine. WineZero is really wine!

Solo che dal vino viene estratta la componente alcolica, e il risultato è un vino light, con 9 calorie per 100 ml e tutto il gusto e le proprietà del vino tradizionale. In più, WineZero è vino italiano al 100%. 

Immaginate di poter godere di un bicchiere di vino che non nuoce alla linea e di poter godere di tutti i benefici antiossidanti di un bicchiere di vino, con un gusto intatto ma un decimo delle calorie. Potremmo arrivare la sera a bere un bel bicchiere di vino senza preoccuparci di nulla.

Inutile dire che questi dell’azienda WineZero, un’azienda vicentina, mi avranno come cliente a vita! Il prezzo è assolutamente in linea con una buona bottiglia. Non costa di più, semmai di meno.

If you are interested like me (I am very interested. I know that I will also give it away at Christmas, Easter, birthdays, I will make T-shirts and organize a fan club), this is the company’s shop where you can buy it. 

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