White but wholemeal flours

White but wholemeal flours

diet without carbohydratesThese days Ansa publishes a press release advertising a well-known company of dietetic and wholemeal products, which however is not really on the list of those who love real wholemeal and real dietary foods , simply because it does not make quality products.
This company, whose name I will not reveal to you, will launch wholemeal white flours on the market, or white flours reinforced with vegetable fibers such as inulin to have a lower glycemic load

Now, I make two quick considerations: the first, it is not true .
There are already companies on the market that sell white flours with inulin and with a low glycemic index. The examples I have done in this blog are many, just mention thereFiberpasta flour and Sanomè flour .
So it is NOT true that this company would bring low GI white flours to the market.
The second consideration is that these white flours with the addition of inulin do not solve the health problem, but only the dietary one and only in part . Let me explain: they are flours that I buy regularly, but most of the time I prefer to focus on wholemeal. In fact, these flours are always refined, but vegetable fiber is added to lower the glycemic load. Compared to a good wholemeal flour, they lack other fibers, vitamins and precious minerals that make what we eat and cook healthier.
It is like the difference that essentially passes between vitamin and mineral salt supplements and fruit and vegetables: are those who take the supplements as healthy as those who eat fruit and vegetables naturally? No. Similarly, white flours with inulin are a trick to be able to replace white soft wheat flour , but to make our metabolism work better we must focus on real, naturally nutritious foods.

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