WhatsApp: the news of summer 2015

WhatsApp: the news of summer 2015

news whatsapp summer 2015

WhatsApp does not go on vacation, far from it. Summer is expected to be full of news and updates . The evolution of the most used instant messaging application in the world cannot stop. In the world of the web, not updating means dying. And the WhatsApp engineers know this well, so much so that at the moment no rival seems to be able to reach its extraordinary figures. On the other hand, however, there was no lack of “accusations” that imputed a certain backwardness compared to other competing apps (see Telegram).

Beyond the judgments, it seems that this summer WhatsApp is ready for a new evolution that will introduce a series of new features. Let’s see them in detail.


1. “To read” option

As is already the case with emails, WhatsApp plans to introduce the possibility of marking a message received as “unread” and thus avoiding forgetting to reply because maybe at that moment you are in a hurry. The same function is present on Facebook Messenger, the “brother” integrated into the social network Facebook, whose owner is the same as WhatsApp (Mark Zuckerberg).

The news, as ADSLZone reports , came out as often happens from the official WhatsApp translation center . Here WhatsApp employees translate the text of the new features before they are launched, and recently these writings have appeared to be translated: “mark as unread” “mark as unread”.

For now the new feature looks like it will only be available to iPhone users , or so the WhatsApp translation center suggests. It is not known how what news will appear graphically, but Android does not yet contain information about it, which means that the launch on this platform could take place at a later time.

The idea, however, has already created two camps. Those who think it is useful and those who cannot understand its meaning. An additional function that can be useful, of course, but a problem arises: how does the “to read” option integrate with the much-discussed double blue ticks? The most probable hypothesis is that the “to read” can be set independently from the reading of the message, but it cannot be excluded that it will be possible to mark a message as “to read” only after opening it (and therefore communicating it to those who sent the reading).


2. I also like it on Whatsapp (but only photos)

As reported by the authoritative Androidheadlines portal , WhatsApp beta tester IIhan Pektas has identified a piece of code in the beta version of the messaging app that would allow users to “like” photos that have been shared among multiple users.

This new option will bring WhatsApp closer to the “social” world. The “like” button will probably have the characteristics of the one already present on Facebook, with the right additions for chat communication.


3. Video calls

Another novelty of summer 2015 should be video calls. Expected for months, their introduction is the logical consequence of voice calls , which are starting to have a consistent use also in Italy despite the not yet optimal quality (as well as for all other Voip services).

With video calls, communication on WhatsApp will be completed at 360 degrees, providing a full range of channels: text, images, audio and video.


4. WhatsApp for Apple Watch

Apple’s smart watch, as well as competing models, are the tech star of the moment. After the “momentary” failure of Google Glass (digital glasses), the smart watch seems to have conquered the place of technological gadget of the year.

There is no official version yet . Currently the Apple Watch allows you to view WhatsApp notifications on your wrist, but it does not have all the other functions of sending messages, photos or videos.

The imagination, however, allows us great leaps and thanks to this rendering made by AR7 and shared goes Twitter:

whtsapp on apple watch

As you can see in the images, the information on the screen is reduced to a minimum. We have seen in detail all the possible features of WhatsApp on Apple Watch , and this concept seems to confirm them. In particular it seems that everything will be managed with voice commands. Also, this watch version looks like it will allow you to change the status according to different situation without taking your phone out of your pocket.

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