What to do to lose weight? The 5 things to know immediately

What to do to lose weight? The 5 things to know immediately

Do you want to lose weight?
Sometimes looking for information to know what to do to lose weight can leave you very confused.
Because we read everything and the opposite of everything, diets are many. But what will work for us?

There are some basic things that I believe that anyone who wants to do a proper diet must know to avoid wasting time on disposable diets and suddenly improve their health, as well as the figure.

I have summarized them for you in 5 easy and practical points that can guide you to understand how to lose weight effectively.
These are things that most doctors and scientific studies recommend.


  1. If you don’t change your habits, going on a diet is stupid, and you’ll gain weight back right away.
    People who want to lose weight on a diet of one or two weeks or even a month, then go back to eating as before, harm themselves, their health and gain weight.
    If you don’t intend to change course, don’t start the diet. 
    If you say I don’t have time, I can’t, I’m greedy, I don’t have the head, etc., well, live your extra pounds better, period and that’s it. It is healthier to always keep the same weight than to lose it and then accumulate more pounds.
    The yo-yo effect is harmful to health and linked to more risks than heavier-than-average weight (source: 1 ).
    So if you think that your weight problems can be solved in two weeks or a month and then poof, they will disappear forever, you are wrong mentality.
    The diet requires commitment, motivation, energy, and the ability to question oneself and move forward when the weight also stops for a few weeks.
  2. Two things matter in the diet: moderation (or calories) and food quality.
    If you think that calories are no longer a valid yardstick, know that in any case at the table you must know how to moderate yourself, and that therefore a vague idea of ​​how much you are eating you must have it.
    Your diet must simply combine these two information: I have to moderate myself at the table and I have to pay attention to the quality of the food I put on my plate.
    You will find three thousand programs that say that calories don’t exist, but if you check out their nutrition plans, they are all highly low-calorie.
  3. There are five categories of foods that should never be missing from your daily diet.
    1) fruits and vegetables, 2) good fats such as olive and coconut oil, 3) quality protein resources (preferably not everyday meat), 4) grains or legumes or other alternative sources of carbohydrates, 5) dairy products and dairy products.
    If you don’t include all of these five categories of foods every day you are on the wrong diet.
    You will find three thousand studies that will tell you that this is not, this is bad, and so on. But these are the international guidelines of the WHO.
  4. No to too many industrial products, to processed foods you can buy outside, to ready-made foods: you don’t have to be a master chef, but the more you eat a natural diet, preparing your own foods, even when you work outside, the more you can control calories and health. Industrial products are addictive, have additives, are less complete from a nutritional point of view. With the result that you eat more, but paradoxically you eat less.
  5. You have to move:  physical activity is essential.
    If you do not do physical activity of any kind (walking, running, exercises, dancing are enough) at least three or four times a week you can forget the faster metabolism, the leaner body, the slimming, the smile in front of the mirror.
    And all the rest? Everything else is useless.

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