Warts: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Warts: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Warts are viral infections that present as lumps of flesh They are due to the Papilloma Virus infection, which was isolated in 1949. It is interesting, however, to know that Greeks and Romans already bear witness to it; Aurelio Cornelio Celsus in a writing of 30 BC describes these cutaneous manifestations well. Let’s find out better.

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Plantar wart

Warts, natural remedies


Symptoms of warts 

The size of a wart can vary (from 1mm to over 1cm in diameter). They can appear single or grouped and can also be very painful and itchy. They are usually of plain form, with uneven surface, white surrounding skin. There is always skin thickening and if you see a black dot in the center it is the blood vessel below.

There are three types of warts:

  • Common warts ( verrucae vulgaris ): on the hand or around the nail, gray or flesh-colored, raised and covered with horny and rough projections.
  • Plantar warts ( verrucae plantaris ): on the plantar or lower surface of the foot, developing inside, they are more difficult to treat in general.
  • Flat warts ( verrucae plana ): on the face and back of the hands. They can spread quickly to the face in men as a result of shaving.


They are caused by the attack of a virus and manifest themselves both on the skin and on the mucous membranes. The family of viruses to which warts belong is that of the Papova-virus and in particular the virus responsible is the human papilloma virus (HPV Human Papilloma Virus) which attacks only the human race.

The viral DNA study has shown that there are about 50 HPV subtypes but only some of them are responsible for skin lesions.


clinical examination is performed . The doctor may choose to incise and cut a small portion of the affected skin for further examination. In addition, blood tests may also be required.



Have you ever thought that there is an elixir in case of warts that you can calmly take from the kitchen shelves? The tomatoes . Rub them on the affected area. You can apply the inside of the banana on the area before going to bed at night. In many cases, the potato is also cut and rubbed on the area.  

Then consume more garlic , the natural antibiotic par excellence.

Eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables helps the immune system. Better to avoid over-processed foods.  The body’s defenses must be helped and not put to the test by introducing sugary drinks, exciting substances, alcohol.

You can learn more about all the natural remedies to strengthen the immune system

Immune system

Herbal remedies for warts 

Among the phytotherapeutic remedies, the rondinella grass also called celandine is a herbaceous plant widely used in the treatment of warts. Topical  mother tincture is usually used .

It is also customary to put the juice of fresh nettle leaves on the wart several times a day.


Yes to lavender essential oil to be applied on the affected part at least 4 times throughout the day (not too close to the mucous membranes). A calendula -based ointment is also excellent . Tea tree oil is also excellent .

Bach flowers for warts

Bach flowers work on the  emotional state and warts can correspond to the internal “dirt”, to how one feels in front of the mirror, to the image one has of oneself, to expectations, to personal acceptance.

The Bach flowers suitable for warts can be for example Crab Apple or Wild Rose and it is useful to talk to the flower therapist to identify which remedy is more suitable.

Traditional Chinese medicine for warts

The skin in Chinese medicine is connected to the Metal element and the Lung organ . It is the outermost and therefore more Yang structure of the body and affects a meridian that passes through point 7 of the intestine . Treating it in acupuncture can solve various skin problems such as pimples and pustules as well as warts.


The serious homeopath will never advise you to remove warts before they have ceased to show signs of evolution and activity. In fact, they are nuclei of outcrop of solid toxic substances that the organism is not able to neutralize by digesting them. 

This makes them both storage points and elimination valves . Homeopathy frames warts as a tendency to solid toxic deposits in internal organs (sycosis) or, more simply, a tendency to form tumors, in particular in the excretory organs.  

In other words, if they heal spontaneously with the support of a therapy that is also emotional, as in the case of homeopathy, the organism works independently and effectively to remove the block from elimination.

Among the various remedies, depending on the intuition and wisdom of the homeopath professional: Antimonium crudum 5CH, Causticum 5CH, Berberis vulgaris 9CH.

Exercises and movement for warts  

Swimming pools or changing rooms in gyms are the cradle of warts because humidity, favoring the maceration of the skin, makes it easier to take root. Personal hygiene in these environments is essential. Use your own towel and slippers.

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