Vegan vanilla and almond ice cream without ice cream maker

Vegan vanilla and almond ice cream without ice cream maker

A very simple ice cream to make, without ice cream maker, and in a vegan key, which we can customize with the spices we prefer (powdered ginger, powdered cinnamon) or with fresh mint and half a handful of fruit to give it that extra touch. but which in the basic recipe is flavored with almonds and vanilla. A vegan vanilla and almond ice cream without an ice cream maker , sweet without the sugar but thanks to the dates. Instead of almond butter we can also use peanut butter and personalize it with dark chocolate chips : once you understand how to make the basic recipe, anything is possible, and the variations for this vegan ice cream are endless!


For about 800 grams of vegan ice cream
Basic recipe: 250 calories per serving for 8 portions
200 grams of almond butter (you can find it from the bio)

225 grams of dates without peel and stone, soaked 3-4 hours (must be weighed first )
350 gr of Isola Bio or Alpro almond milk
a teaspoon of walnut liqueur, coffee or rum (optional)
a pinch of salt
Bourbon vanilla flavoring, a few drops

Procedure: Put all the ingredients in the blender, and let the maximum speed until the mixture is completely homogeneous. Pour it into a container, cover it with cling film, and put the bowl in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Ideas to customize the base:
fresh or dried ginger instead of vanilla plus grated lemon or organic orange zest
a handful of fresh mint leaves and 50 grams of raspberries or blueberrie

peanut butter instead of almond butter, a sprinkling of cinnamon and 30 g of dark chocolate chips
prunes or dried apricots instead of dates

Other vegan ice cream ideas without ice cream maker (but replacing honey with Yacon syrup, malt or agave syrup):

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