Unlock the root chakra

Unlock the root chakra

How to unlock the root chakra, the first, how to get the energy back and how to stay in touch with yourself and your foundation

Unlock the root chakra

What is meant by the root chakra and how it is in the body, how it works and what is likely to block it and how we can understand when in fact the energy of the foundation is jammed. 

The root chakra: knowing it 

The first chakra , the first energetic “disk” that is right at our feet and that gives us grounding is more or less located in the perineum.

For women it goes from the anus to the vagina and for men from the anus to the testicles, but it is not just an anatomical area, but also an energetic one, like every part of our body.

This area is dedicated to keeping us on our feet, supporting us, staying in our dimension and occupying it with awareness.

When indecision reigns supreme along with fear this energy center is probably blocked. 

The organs corresponding to this energy center are the feet, legs, knees, pelvis, spine, adrenal endocrine glands , genital tract, bladder, large intestine , musculature, bone skeleton and autonomic nervous system.

The corresponding sense is smell and in Sanskrit the word that identifies this center is called Muladhara, which means ” support “. It is a real affirmation of existing, of being there, of producing meaning. Constipation, overweight, arthritis or sciatica pain, and sexual disturbances can occur when it freezes .

Existential insecurity spreads and it becomes difficult to manage daily time, relationships with others, especially those with whom you have intimate relationships. When this chakra becomes blocked, one’s entire existence is questioned and the relationship with food and nourishment also changes.

Aggresiveness, anger, anger, tendency to get angry can be consequences deriving from an excess of energy concentrated in this area. In other cases, a real rejection of the reality in which one exists, one moves, develops. Let’s see together how to unblock the situation at the level of the first energy center.

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How to unlock the root chakra 

The most immediate and simple way to harmonize this center is to take care of your feet, even with a simple foot bath , perhaps with lavender; it is not a revolutionary resolution, but a small gesture that can really make a difference.

The feet are the point of contact with the earth and welcome all our reflex points; they are closely connected, as well as the lower limbs, to this energetic part of the body.

A treatment that is often underestimated but which really manages to change the situation in a radical way involves considering one’s body a real instrument, a sound source ; through sound one heals, takes care of oneself and enters a useful meditative state . 

There are also sounds associated with the chakra that are found on the net and that can also be used as a musical base to perform a delicate and circular clockwise massage performed with 20 ml of  sesame oil  and a few drops of essential oils specific for the first chakra.

Usually the treatments are not single but at least a couple or more to be set on a regular basis in order to have benefits that then last even in the long term. An essential oil very useful for unblocking the first chakra is the essential oil of cinnamon .

All the exercises for the first chakra work from the ground up and often their primary function is to help keep our feet on the ground. Often they include meditations very related to breathing, which is our preferred channel for making contact with ourselves and with what we derive from.

To unlock and stimulate the first chakra some yoga asanas are very effective: first of all the warrior position (Virabhadrasana ), the tree ( Vrksana ) and Sukhasana .

Contacting your root even with a simple zone-focused meditation really makes a difference in unlocking this red-hot core of available energy.

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