Tonsillitis: causes and remedies

Tonsillitis: causes and remedies

Inflamed tonsils: Tonsillitis is a common ailment in adults and children. Let’s find out how to treat it.

Tonsillitis: causes and remedies

It is not only children who “have tonsils” although in the common imagination, ” tonsillitis ” is a typically childhood problem: inflammation of the glands called palatine tonsils , lymphatic organs located in the oral cavity, at the ” end of the mouth ”, technically at the level of the isthmus of the jaws, at the sides of the uvula.

The palatine tonsils, together with the lingual tonsil located at the base of the tongue , constitute the lymphatic ring of the Waldayer : an organ of our immune system , useful in early childhood in protecting the lower airways.

The palatine tonsils and the entire Waldayer ring are developed mainly in childhood , with the role of protecting the respiratory tract .

Normally they undergo a progressive atrophy , a reduction both functional and dimensional. This is why it is especially children who suffer from tonsillitis .

What are the causes of tonsillitis? And what are the natural remedies?

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Tonsillitis: the causes

The tonsils are defense organs: they guard the throat to prevent the access of microorganisms from the mouth or nose.

They defend us from external aggressions,  they are the very precious “armed” vanguards of the immune system.

They become inflamed when there is an infection by viruses and / or bacteria to prevent them from spreading within the oropharyngeal tract.

The primary cause of tonsillitis is therefore infection by pathogenic microorganisms , especially viruses (Adenovirus and Rhinovirus, cold viruses ), rarely tonsillitis can be caused by Epstein Barr virus (mononucleosis) or by bacteria or it can be secondary a weakening of the immune system or associated with immunodeficiency (presence of HIV virus ).

Among the bacterial causes of tonsillitis, Streptococcus is the most common responsible for tonsillitis: in particular group A β hemolytic Streptococcus, which is a possible agent responsible for distant complications affecting the heart, kidneys and joint rheumatism.

Adequate treatment removes these complications from danger , but this possibility must not be neglected and recognized promptly.

Tonsillitis: natural remedies

It must be borne in mind that the danger of distant complications such as joint rheumatism, gromerulonephritis or endocarditis are always lurking, therefore in the case of tonsillitis that has persisted for more than 72 hours with high fever that does not show signs of going down it is necessary to feel the opinion of the doctor , who will define the appropriate therapeutic path.

In case of frequent superinfections , tonsillectomy surgery can be carried out, i.e. the surgical removal of the tonsils.

Depending on the cause that caused the tonsillitis , the most suitable remedies will be chosen.

If the tonsillitis is of bacterial origin, antibiotics will be used (also natural but always under medical supervision) while if the cause is of a viral nature, you can try to relieve the symptoms with generic remedies for sore throat.

Preventing tonsillitis, natural remedies

> Follow the primary hygiene rules , washing your hands frequently, covering the mouth and nose in case of intense cold.

> Drink enough.

> Consume foods rich in zinc and vitamin C , honey and lemon.

Treating tonsillitis, natural remedies

>  Echinacea : plant with antibiotic power and stimulation of the immune system. It is taken in drops

Infusion of honey, lemon and ginger

>  Propolis , with an anesthetizing and antibiotic effect

Mallow, in herbal tea , for its soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity

> Water and bicarbonate or water and salt , with which to gargle: dilute a teaspoon or two of bicarbonate or salt in a glass of water; after gargle spit out the used water.

Remedies and foods to be preferred in case of tonsillitis , especially for children, with great difficulty in swallowing:

Water or other liquids at room temperature such as herbal teas;

vegetable soups or vegetable broths ;

fresh creams and velvets or at room temperature;

> homemade sorbets ;

probiotic foods that help the intestine and the immune system: yogurt, kefir.

In case of tonsillitis, especially for “young adults”, spicy and spicy foods, alcohol and coffee are to be absolutely avoided.

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